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Thread: Fordz

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    The Dark Shadow Fordz's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Surigao City, Philippines


    << Color >>
    Black : #000000

    << Motto >>
    " If I am forced to kill, I shall do it without hesitation"

    << Full-Body Form >>

    Spoiler for Other Full-Bodies:

    << Abilities >>

    -Very fast in movements, sometimes extremely fast when accompanied by the rocket boosters of the scythe. Speed rarely breaks the sound barrier. Despite the speed, he still sees things clearly
    -Outstanding anticipation due to his red eye defect
    -Sometimes he can use his weapon's rocket boosters to spin like a wheel and penetrate enemy defense. This is called Rocket Revolver which makes Fordz spin outstandingly fast

    -His weapon holds secrets, he does not know all of them. Sometimes, they just pop out.

    -Dual Bladed Scythe
    Spoiler for Dual Bladed Scythe Preview:

    Spoiler for Dual Bladed Scythe Info:

    << Weaknesses >>
    It may seem that he is pretty fast but he is still prone to wise and impressive counter attacks and to enemies that match his speed.
    He has a red eye defect which would allow him to accurately block or dodge fast attacks but he can only stop them if they enter his vision.
    Despite his outstanding performance in martial arts, he is defenseless to sharp or hard weaponry when he is unable to get hold of his weapon, he kind of relies on it for easy kills and strong defense.

    << About >>
    Fordz was born with a red eye that enables him to see things clearly and anticipate fast attacks. His mother died so his father took care of him. His father was known as the Light Assassin, he trained Fordz to be the fastest and strongest assassin. One day, he lead Fordz to a secret room and showed him the dual bladed scythe, something he got from the fastest and strongest enemy he encountered. He modified it because he wanted Fordz to wield it when the time is right.

    One night, Fordz woke up because of loud clangs outside, he spied out the window and saw his father fighting strangers. He took the dual bladed scythe and killed the enemies. His father was proud of him but severely wounded, he then said his last words to him. The next day, Fordz buried his father, took the dual bladed scythe and ran away.

    If you think that's boring...
    Spoiler for Long Story:

    << Personality >>
    He's silent but friendly, has his own world or in other words, imaginative and has a will protects to his friends. If he himself is forced to kill, he will do it without hesitation.

    << Demo >>
    Gonna create a new demo because I entirely changed my RHG's abilities.

    Demo (July 2013) [Current] :

    Demo (April 2013) [Outdated] :

    Demo (2012) :

    Fordz vs Umbrella - Coming this 2014


    << Availability >>

    << Hitlist >>
    Spoiler for Hitlist:
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    Senior Member mannez's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    btw i would like a battle soon
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    um hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by mannez View Post
    btw i would like a battle soon
    Yes me too but the demo is cannot view WHY?

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    a poor guy
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    Feb 2012
    in your...
    yay ninjafordz is back 8D
    good luck with your futures battles !

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    Motherfuck yourself. Shensurei's Avatar
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    America of States United
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.crocks View Post
    Yes me too but the demo is cannot view WHY?
    Because your computer sucks.

    Fordz, nice RHG. I see you've improved quite a bit.
    <Shadowkirby> k
    <Kizunami> k
    <Patt> k
    <Shensurei> i get the feeling that this will not end well for me

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    Villun Sama Villun's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Wow dude! If I still had blizzard up, I would invite you right away! Your demo is the best anim I have seen in a while, Keep it up!

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    Senior Member Rosie's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Wow! Fordz this is amazing, very well done! I hope we can battle one day! Btw you need to show the availability

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    Tracker of Death Xero's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    you are now officially on my list
    congrats >:3

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    Formerly guz the otter. GuzFA's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    i challenged you for a Battle :>?
    guz | excore

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    Hey GuzFA.....How did make ur Avatar move ? and also ur signture?

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