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Thread: The Anime/manga thread (+ recommendations!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel View Post
    Where do watch?
    It's probably on every website out there by now. It's very popular.
    Quote Originally Posted by Youwishjellyfish View Post
    One of these days I'm going to punch you right in the throat.

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    I remember watching your name the first week it came out by accident... So I was told this movie is good and should watch it and so I'm at home bored and decided to look it up and when I finished I looked it up on Google to see if there was more to the story (like a manga or light novel) only to see that it was just released that week... The site was taken down the next day... Though if you look at the phone closely you can see the dates don't match up and that is the only spoiler I shall say

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    If I were reading Mage's post before I had watched the movie, I'd probably say: Fuck you Mage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
    Yes we have. It's a good anime.
    Quote Originally Posted by DelorMaximus View Post
    I wanted to hop here just to talk about Your Name.

    To begin with, the animation is gorgeous visually. It's so fuckin pretty! I was in awe only with the first 3 minutes.
    And without spoiling anything, I'll say this.
    Premise to this fact, I am not an emotional person when it comes to movies, games and TV shows. With that said...
    I anticipated the ending. I knew what was going to happen. I was ready for it. But the way it was delivered was completely different from what I expected. And it fucked me up.
    It was the happiest 20 min sob of my life.

    Great movie.
    Oh yeah, watched it like a week back. The end was damn emotional man...
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    Love all the mangas, watch yours here:

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    >watching manga

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    For Romance genre, finished 5/6 manga you suggested.

    1, TWGOK, the story is different, as main character is not the typical dumb and loser guy in other romance manga. Imo, the story get worse in the last arc, despite the last confession in last chapter. Well, overall I would re read TWGOK again.
    2, Nise koi could be the best romance manga for me. Raku is another "not-dumb and useless" type of main character, which is a suitable one for "harem" manga. Though the story is kinda easy to guess, this manga is gentle and is fun to watch.
    3, Sora no Otoshimo is a short manga (but not short if you were following it till the beginning, it took 7 years). The story is quite, well, I don't know if I read this manga series too quick or not, but I don't have any impression at all.
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    Hey boys I found a Nisekoi comrade

    @caramia who's your best girl in Nisekoi

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