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Thread: Writing Music

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    Writing Music

    I know this is my second thread, but I've been wanting to make this for a while. What music gets you in the mood to write? And what genre does it make you write?

    Radiohead gets me in the mood, but recently, NIN has done the trick for me, especially Ghost I-IV.

    This song gets me more into a chill mood, a nice, relaxing song perfectly suited for a group of survivors after the apocalypse or whatever.

    This is more grungy, something more suited for action, yet backwoods enough not to give you a sense of massive scale. Perfectly suited for a small-scale event or internal struggle.

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    Holy shit that music pisses me off too much.

    I just put my rock playlist on shuffle.


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    Johnny Cash, mostly his later stuff, like on his American Recordings albums (And a lot of which are covers, but I still find the Johnny Cash versions get me in the mood better)

    But that's because I like writing about depressing stuff, mostly. NIN is very good too.

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    I like the first one. :3

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    I'm sure you saw my post in the "What are you listening to now?" thread. But regardless, I enjoy attempting to write spectacularly complex plots with various emotions running through them. Thus this music helps me make that:

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