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Thread: Battle Zone Rules | FAQ ADDED. PLS READ.

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    Battle Zone Rules | FAQ ADDED. PLS READ.

    If your RHG is LOCKED you are NOT allowed to battle!
    If you will have a battle none the less, the battle will not count! For both of you.

    (If too many will do it anyway, it will result in automatic loss.)

    How to Post a Battle:


    Spoiler for The 4 Rules:
    Your thread must follow these rules:
    - Rule 1: Your battle MUST be completed. That means both entries. If not and you still post your battle
    in the battlezone, the topic will be binned.
    - Rule 2: If you've finished your battle and your opponent has quit, you may post a thread stating that your opponent forfeit with a link to your battle.
    - Rule 3: The thread title should be of your usernames, NOT your RHG Characters' names
    i.e.: Terkoiz vs Miccool
    Please use all lowercase and no periods in the "vs" part, we'd like to keep the format for all threads the same (as much as possible)
    - Rule 4: All polls are to be public. When you are making the poll select the "make votes public" checkbox below the poll options. This is to prevent multiaccounting abuse.
    - Rule 5: All polls should last exactly ONE WEEK. No more no less. If we see your battle thread have an erroneous time limit, we will forcibly correct it.

    Regarding Speedbattles:

    Spoiler for Concerning Speedbattles:
    Speedbattles will no longer be accepted in the Battle Zone.
    You are still allowed to make speedbattles, but post your results in the Animation Attack Section.

    Major Rules:
    When you want to challenge somebody it usually works like this:

    Spoiler for Major Rules:

    1) Challenge somebody. --> Sounds simple and is simple. You can challenge somebody to a RHG battle through a private message, by challenging them in their RHG thread or by challenging them over irc.

    2) Animate. --> Now you get to animating your battle. This means that you are animating your RHG fighting against your opponent's RHG.

    3) Post your FINISHED (if not finished I will lock your battle) in the Battle Zone --> Post your thread according to the rules I listed above. Do not forget to add a PUBLIC poll to your thread otherwise people will not be able to vote!!

    4) Win / Lose --> Now you either win or you lose. As a result, you go to your RHG page, hit the Edit post button and change your amount of points. Normally you should have a list looking like this -> Wins / Losses => Depending on whether you have won or lost you edit the number you have there.

    A major violation or breach of those rules will result in an infraction as well as a moderator locking your topic / deleting your post.
    Now I want you to go out there and kick some ass.


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    Okay, some things have been happening lately that's got alot of people confused so I'm attaching this FAQ as well as a new ruling on Forfeits and updates to existing rules. I actually wrote something like this before but it got deleted when my account went under last year and I just never got around to it. Until now:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: If my opponent forfeits, do I STILL have to finish my battle for the point to count?
    A: Yes. What makes you think Rule 1 becomes invalid as you fulfill Rule 2? Post your battle, or do not get the point. It's that simple.

    Q: But what is the point? It's clear that I've already won...
    A: RHG isn't just about winning. It is also for your benefit, as an animator. And the benefit of the community, as they see you grow as an animator. Yes, it sucks that your opponent has nothing, but this isn't just about your opponent. You are animating for everyone's sake. And for yourself to get better, you'll need that extra mile to practice and get cnc's and actually get better. So before you go ahead and make a cheap ending, think about how you're actually going to grow from all this.

    Q: But the deadline has long passed. Doesn't that make my fight just 'incomplete' instead?
    A: No. The "deadline" is a mutually agreed time period between you and your opponent (just you if he forfeits). There is no universal RHG rule that dictates when you should ever stop animating. If you cannot deliver a complete anim at all, or have just given up on it, then it is not considered as any kind of win. Ever.

    Q: I want to extend the deadline for my battle. Is that okay?
    A: Sure, as long as your opponent agrees as well. Remember, this is a 2-Man job.

    Q: Is there a limit as to how long we can battle each other?
    A: No. Battling is a shared activity between only you and your opponent. It is a compromise and a contract that only both of you adhere to. Even if it lasts as long as a year, if both of you are cool with that then there's no problem. HOWEVER, it would do some courtesy if you include how long you've challenged each other when you actually make your Battle threads, just so people take the time limit into consideration when voting for your anim.

    Q: I've long since given up on battling, and this incomplete anim is staring me in the face. I want to finish it though...
    A: Then finish it. Not for the sake of that lousy point, but for you and the benefit of the community around you. Release it as a normal animation instead. Give it a 'story' and see where it goes. Do anything but give up. If you really wanna keep working on it, no one is stopping you. Do not be limited by the fact that it's just a battle and nothing more. Who knows, if it's good enough it might even end up in the portal. At least, aim for that.

    Q: Then where do I post the "battle" if it is no longer an RHG battle?
    A: The anims section of course! That's where non-"Battle" stuff goes, doesn't it? It's actually an advantage seeing as you'll be getting cnc in the context that it is an anim in general, and not justabattle.

    Q: Okay we've finished our battles. How long should the poll be?
    A: A week. Nothing more. Nothing less. This is a recently updated rule that has been overlooked for sometime. Too little and you might call a premature victory/loss. Too much, and it'll just eventually be about "who will win. let's rally" instead of which animation is actually better (it's happened before). A week is a good summation of both animator's skill levels and gives enough time to CNC and react.

    Q: I am changing my RHG. Do the points carry over?
    A: No. The points don't carry over because the points aren't for the RHG. They're FOR YOU. It would be stupid to assume that your opponent is suddenly battling another person just because you changed characters. In RHG pages, you must take note of what previous RHG you used and how many points they have. That gives you a Pt. History people can gauge.
    In fact, it would be better if you also link the battles all your RHGs have done, just so they can see how far you've progressed.

    And now for the new ruling on forfeits:

    Forfeiting Bonus
    Ever got the sinking feeling that you're just animating for naught because your opponent forfeits? Doesn't it suck having to do all that hard work when your opponent just bails on you or worse, gives you the silent treatment and disappears from the forums? Well say no more because from now on we have a new ruling on forfeits, and that is all forfeited battles are now eligible to acquire an extra 0.5 to their win point. It doesn't seem like much but consider the following scenario:

    Normal Rule
    Battle 1 - You vs Sync (who forfeits); you win and get 1 point
    Battle 2 - You vs Thrash (who also forfeits); you get 1 point as well
    Your win/loss record is now 2/0

    Forfeit Rule
    Battle 1 - You vs Sync (who forfeits); you get 1.5 points
    Battle 2 - You vs Thrash (who also forfeits); you get 1.5 points as well
    Your win/loss record is now 3/0

    So you can see the implications of this new rule. For every other battle you do that forfeits, you stand to gain an extra win. Just call it a bonus for all the hard work you've done and not straying from the temptation of giving up on your opponent. But how will all this work? Well, every 1-2 months, depending on the number of battles, there will be a Battle Poll starring all the animations that have forfeits in them and depending on the size, either the Top 1, 2 or 3 most awesome battles will get this 0.5 bonus. Refer to the chart below for appropriate sizes:

    Number of Forfeited Matches - Number of Bonuses Available
    2-3 - 1 Bonus Available
    4-5 - 2 Bonuses Available
    6 and higher - 3 Bonuses Available

    I hope that answers some lingering doubts when making battles and forfeiting them. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. As such, I am temporarily unlocking this thread to allow for some more personal Q&As.

    Ask away, don't be shy.

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