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Thread: Battle Zone Rules - Read before posting your battle

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    Battle Zone Rules - Read before posting your battle

    If your RHG is LOCKED you are NOT allowed to battle!
    If you will have a battle none the less, the battle will not count! For both of you.

    (If too many will do it anyway, it will result in automatic loss.)

    How to Post a Battle:


    Spoiler for The 4 Rules:
    Your thread must follow these rules:
    - Rule 1: Your battle MUST be completed. That means both entries. If not and you still post your battle
    in the battlezone, the topic will be binned.
    - Rule 2: If you've finished your battle and your opponent has quit, you may post a thread stating that your opponent forfeit with a link to your battle.
    - Rule 3: The thread title should be of your usernames, NOT your RHG Characters' names
    i.e.: Terkoiz vs Miccool
    Please use all lowercase and no periods in the "vs" part, we'd like to keep the format for all threads the same (as much as possible)
    - Rule 4: All polls are to be public. When you are making the poll select the "make votes public" checkbox below the poll options. This is to prevent multiaccounting abuse.

    Regarding Speedbattles:

    Spoiler for Concerning Speedbattles:
    Speedbattles will no longer be accepted in the Battle Zone.
    You are still allowed to make speedbattles, but post your results in the Animation Attack Section.

    Major Rules:
    When you want to challenge somebody it usually works like this:

    Spoiler for Major Rules:

    1) Challenge somebody. --> Sounds simple and is simple. You can challenge somebody to a RHG battle through a private message, by challenging them in their RHG thread or by challenging them over irc.

    2) Animate. --> Now you get to animating your battle. This means that you are animating your RHG fighting against your opponent's RHG.

    3) Post your FINISHED (if not finished I will lock your battle) in the Battle Zone --> Post your thread according to the rules I listed above. Do not forget to add a PUBLIC poll to your thread otherwise people will not be able to vote!!

    4) Win / Lose --> Now you either win or you lose. As a result, you go to your RHG page, hit the Edit post button and change your amount of points. Normally you should have a list looking like this -> Wins / Losses => Depending on whether you have won or lost you edit the number you have there.

    A major violation or breach of those rules will result in an infraction as well as a moderator locking your topic / deleting your post.
    Now I want you to go out there and kick some ass.


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