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Thread: Voice Acting

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    Voice Acting

    Recently, I've discovered many StickPage members have vocal talents that some of us require for our projects. However, we don't have any way to find those actors efficiently, other than by word-of-mouth. So before you go wandering to other sites, why not look here first? It's always easier to work with people you know and can rely on.

    Long story short, this is a thread where you can advertise your services as a voice actor, preferably by use of a demo or request a voice actor for an upcoming project, either stick or fullbody. Although I don't expect dozens of pages of activity in this thread, I'll keep up a list in the first post for efficient browsing.

    So there you go. Post here if you ARE a voice actor or if you NEED a voice actor. It works both ways. Voice actors, please post a demo or else just a description in which you mention the range of voices you can do and what sort of animations you'd like to act in. Animators, please give a description as accurate as possible of the voice you're looking for. Auditions will be held by contacting each other.

    Voice Actors Available:
    Name - E-mail/PM - Demo/Description (if any)
    -Hawk- - -
    Cronos - PM -
    Izunato Namikaze - PM -
    Jeff - PM -
    Marshmallow_dude - PM -
    Sypher95 - PM -
    Mikematic - PM -
    Camila - PM -
    Smashman - PM -

    Voice Actors Needed for:
    Animation name - animator - e-mail/PM
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    I could do an Australian voice. But i'm probably a terrible voice actor lol

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    meeee toooo im just too young for that and my voice sounds like a dying walrus

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    Alright, about time I made my own ad. I'm 17 and I'm a high baritone, which means my voice is slightly higher than the average. I've been acting and voice acting for a few years now. Most of my released work has been in my own animations/collabs but you will see me soon in "Matt: A Life Story" by 5SN on NewGrounds.
    I will voice act in pretty much any sort of animation but so far I've done best in comedy. I can do action and drama too as long as you don't need a very deep or rough voice. I can also do very high pitched voices and many accents like british, scottish, south american (redneck) and australian. You'll have to request a new demo for those though cause I don't have any recent recordings of them. I can also sing from an A2 to a A#4, sometimes even B4. You'll also have to request a new demo for that cause it may vary a lot.
    I don't have a short demo to "sum everything up" yet, but I have lots of lines from recent auditions. Nothing is edited for pitch:

    Pencilmation #26 audition: ;


    Random shouting Note, this is from an unreleased anim heheh Well, it's not like it gives away the plot anyway... -

    If you like what you hear e-mail me at You can also e-mail me to do a new audition for your animation.
    P.S.: My name is not Caitlin, it's Cătălin. It's a guy's name in my country. xD Just thought I'd mention that before any awkward questions. XD
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    I try whatever people ask me to. I don't have any recent recordings unfortunately, but this is from a little over a year ago:

    I try a number of different voices there. I think I have a weird impediment in my speech, so I can't listen to this without thinking I can do better, but maybe you guys will get a kick out of it. I think my strong point is cartoony voices, but if anyone needs me to do anything I can do whatever.

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    Jeff, that link is freaking awesome.

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    I can do a lot of stereotypical voices pretty well, a few serious voices (that sound very close to each other... but shhhhhhh), but my strong point is definatly impersonations, i can almost completely mimic Mario or Mickey Mouse. I'll make a reel later when i get a chance.

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    I can do a great texan voice xD

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    Lol just hit me up if ever need a voice so high frequency voice that a guy should never be able to hit.

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    Lol... Well since there're no other women listed there, put my name over there :3

    If someone needs a female voice, I can give it a try... I have no recent records, but, I'll try to record something today and put it as an example.

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    his part is amazing ♥
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