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Thread: Voice Acting

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    this recording site is great for this kind of stuff

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    Nowhere, Literally.
    I can do a english 11 year old voice (lol thats because im 11) its not cool having a gay voice though :/.

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    I will need voice actors for my Youtube channel. Hope you guys can help
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    Currently I am writing the script. Read it. And if you feel like you can fit in one of these characters. Come and hit me up.
    I already have two! But I probably need more. I cant assure you for A role in 1 but if you feel like you can try it then do it!
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    Sorry mine english hurted you...
    I think i'll buy a micro :v
    Lotus holding tryouts! come and give it a shot! ↓

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    I can voice act in pretty much any sort of animation but so far I've done best in comedy. I will do action and drama too....

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    proffesional spamer raapaax's Avatar
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    I can do a pretty normal 12 years kid voice , if you dont hate my voice, maybe I can be there :3

    I can do a very pitchy and horrible voice pretty much the same shit, but Im trying out cuz I have new headphones, and I was randomly recording shit, and I remembered of here. so I decided to tryout here lol

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    I can do a lot of impressions of celebrities and accents.
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    Dundee, Scotland
    I can do 2004-2010 Shadow The Hedgehog type vioces and naturally, i have a Scottish accent... Anything deep i can doo
    i may post something on here a bit later :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanixon View Post
    I can do 2004-2010 type vioces
    What's that mean.
    my rhg
    Spoiler for extra:

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