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Thread: bad animation??

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    Dec 2006

    bad animation??

    This is my 5th animation ever and i think i need help lol i hope to be good 1 day.

    any ideas on how to make it slower

    Tell me all my mistakes/errors.

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    we all start somewhere, but I dont do pivot anymoree, so I cant give much advice. Just keep practicing, look at some tuts, so on.....
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    ok, make really small movements in the frames! thats how you make it slower and smooth,

    that animation was choppy, and im guessing the GIF stuffed some of the colours .

    and yeah, just read tutorials, or go to and look at the .pivs people have, and on study their .pivs, everyone (most people) do that.

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    Ok thx ill try that

    how to make it slower??

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    I thought the begining was good,
    but then the jumps looked choppy, and a didn't look real,
    and near the end it was stiff...
    just yeah do what the others said, and practice, and master the basics...

    A LOT!

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    ok ill do that and fix that jump at the end thx for all your help.

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    its ok but practice

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    i forgot
    you just bumped a 3 year old topic. check the date before you post.

    all your base are belong to us
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