Name - Onyx
Age - Unknown
Picture of Gladiator -
Abilities -
Colour - Skin #4E6D6A

- Summoning: Earth Style
Onyx can use both his hands and feet independently to summon creatures (As long as he can hit a part of his hands or feet onto something solid he can summon creatures). The creatures he can summon range in size and power depending on how much Earth is available (So he can't summon a 400ft tall Golem made of pure Iron without access to enough Iron/If the situation is dire enough he can use the Iron stored within his body or anybody else's to create smaller creatures).

- Earth Coating
Onyx can case his body in tight packed earth or Stone to prevent or nullify Physical attacks, at a moments notice he can disassemble the armour to allow himself to move around faster again. The coat can be used to mimic the form of a summon so that he can create a small quantity of creatures and hide within one of them allowing himself to sneak attack an unsuspecting enemy. The Earth coat also has a second form known as Earth Cage, this is where Onyx is able to touch the enemy for a few seconds and in doing so he coats them in tightly packed Earth that fills every and any crevice meaning he suffocates his enemy in earth, after doing so he buries the coating with the person inside deep within the earth ensuring they cannot escape.

- Earth Creation Style: Defence
Onyx can use his summoning as a defence stance by creating Structures and walls out of Earth to defend against attacks, this method means that Onyx will not try to move around to much to ensure his safety, this style allows for Onyx to trap his enemy as well as he will most likely try to create his defence and then box his enemy, by doing so he can maintain a decent amount of offence whilst ensuring he is defended at the same time.

- Earth Creation Style: Offence
Onyx if angered or just simply wants to make the fight short will change his stance to offensive, once in this stance he becomes reckless but equally deadly, he will attack with no regards to friends or foes and will simply attack will all of his large scale attacks. He will still summon creatures and structures alike, although the creatures and structures will be focused purely on creating as much pain as possible for the enemy (So he'll create Spiked walls and large powerful creatures). He will also create projectiles that he can fire out of his body, although by doing this he will harm himself (Refer to Earth Regeneration), he will not create Weapons out his body however, he does not like using weapons that are hand held.

- Earth Regeneration
Onyx's body is composed entirely of Earth (Except for his eyes which is essentially his soul's essence in physical form) and as such he can regenerate his body at an alarming rate meaning that physical damage will only hurt him to a certain extent. This ability can only work when in an area with a solid floor so that Onyx can extract the Earth (Meaning that he cannot regenerate in mid-air, although getting him into the air is difficult as he is extremely heavy due to him being composed of Earth.) The downside to Onyx being made of Earth and being extremely heavy is that he cannot swim, if he reaches the bottom of the water source or is able to touch a wall then he can create a Earth platform to propel himself out of the water, another downside is that when drenched with water he becomes soggy and as such he becomes much easier to take apart with physical attacks.

Weaknesses -
Onyx can be easily weakened by water (But not fire, as it simply allows him to use Lava as it is Molten Rock after all.) after being drenched in water he becomes soggy which in turn makes him susceptible to Physical attacks.
Extreme Force (Massive explosions at close range etc)

Story - Onyx was born upon the dawn of creation, when the Earth itself was created, during this time he has been sighted on multiple different planets and across many galaxies, although he is presumably very old he has only ever been heard saying one thing "The Dawn of death is upon you", after these words are spoken by Onyx he slaughters anybody within sight, these words however are only usually spoken once he has been issued a contract by an Anonymous group that often contacts him, he does these jobs as a way to vent his rage. After existing for presumably millions of years he has become sick of his near Invulnerability and Immortality, time has become a minor aspect to him now, because of this he wishes to kill and create so much chaos that he is satisfied with the results. He is usually a calm and collected person (Considering he rarely speaks) but the one thing that angers him is an Enemy that seeks Immortality, No-one knows why this is.

Demo - Coming soon hopefully (Balancing Course work and IT work)

Status - Unavailable

Won - 0
Lost -0