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Thread: Legit Alpha Gradient Masking Without Actionscript [Flash][Effects]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmad9383 View Post
    or a simpler way, make the gradient the object and make the text the mask, simple, right? but the gradient has to be in the color of the text you're looking for.
    I get what you're saying, and this is another way to do it, but it also has it's limitations just like the other alternate methods. What he's saying is, the text becomes the mask and the gradient will color under the mask, like so:

    But if you want to do any coloring or use complex shapes, this method doesn't work at all. Say I have this shape:

    Using your method just doesn't work:

    Because the shape is still the mask, and the mask is ignoring colors. Using my method gets the desired effect quickly:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shensurei View Post
    Does this still work alright if the movie clip is animated?
    As long as the container movieclip has a blending of Layer, and the topmost movieclip inside the container is a mask with blending alpha, you'll get the desired effect, regardless of animation, layers, color, whatever.

    For example:

    Also used as a reflective effect:

    Or simple shadows:
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