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Thread: Yuno vs Herts 2012 speed battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruel96 View Post
    I vote neither because both were half assed and a waste of time. i can tell your both begginers but the only way youll get better is if you actually attempt to make a full length animation. This probably makes your skills LESS honed simply because when you rush you miss alot of poses that could have made the animation better. also i would definitely suggest you only make speed battles if you have a fighting script written out so you know exactly what your doing as your making it. otherwise your just winging it and it can turn out shitty and two seconds long with no heads like your guys's. Good luck to both of your future animations
    um.. its is not a waste. it just made me realize my mistakes. anyways. so you preffer me to speed battle? lets battle then. someday.

    BATTLE ME ------- ---C.H.A.O.Z

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neospelet View Post
    You should have read the other comments before commenting . . and yeah.. whatever ...
    lol thats just my oppinion. it didnt relate in any way to whatever you guys said
    Quote Originally Posted by GMR View Post
    Thanks for making me feel worthless!
    wRHG Page.
    Spoiler for quotarino's:

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