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Thread: 20 Seconds to Kill CRAZY JAY!

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    20 Seconds to Kill CRAZY JAY!



    NOTE: We still have yet to get as score for jomm's as there was an error with his file. He DID get it on time.

    geo = 64.25
    oxob = 60
    rythm = 59.75
    jomm= 58.25
    terkoiz = 57.4
    robecor = 57
    wave = 56.5
    jombo = 52
    yun = 50
    Theexceld9 = 49.75
    AflaAnims = 49.5
    chriwkz =49.25
    dabigE = 49
    Shho = 48
    ashish9 = 48
    armorstick =46.75
    life3good = 45.25
    zavelk = 45
    cookiedough = 44
    Activeframe = 42.5
    JanRavnik = 37.5
    op34 = 35

    Judge Based on:

    Creativity: /10
    Humor: /5
    Quality: /10

    Scores were quite low this time overall because many over-looked the humor category and scored zero. This was emphasized from the get-go for something to set this one a part! It made for some interesting scoring and some potential fresh winners this time around. It pays to read the thread!


    In honor of CRAZY JAY's birthday, and the 10 year anniversary of Stickpage we bring you this Official Stickpage Competition in which you will download a fla template that contains the background, frame rate, dimensions and size and scale in which you need to animate your stick creatively and effectively killing our leader, CRAZY JAY! You will have exactly 20 seconds to animate your stick figure destroying CRAZY JAY. You will receive major bonus points for humor and creativity. Gore will be also part of the score, but not anywhere near as important as the creativity! The idea of this competition comes from two older competitions. 1; 20 seconds to DIE - originally from FA and 2; Kill CRAZY JAY from SP. Together, we get '20 Seconds to Kill CRAZY JAY!'

    Quick Notes:

    - Your character will enter from where the grey box is ( coming in the door basically. )
    - If you use text, be sure to completely break it apart before submitting.
    - Label ALL of your library items, even the tweens! tween_username (ex: tween1_stone)
    - Animate EXACTLY 20 seconds! No more, NO LESS!

    I will be updating this thread as we progress through the competition!

    Q and A

    Q/A: Are people who were meant to submit last comp, but didn't, not allowed to enter this one.
    - No, if you entered the last competition but did not send in a completed entry then you are not allowed to participate in this event, for now.

    Q/A: Are you allowed to animate angles?
    - Yes, you may.

    Q: May we use music?
    A: Yes, you may use music. It might be toned down or possibly taken out depending on how our music might conflict.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lif3sGood
    Hi! So i have one question for you. Like you said "keep CJ the correct color though". I kill him with electrocution, and if in the end my part Jay became black because he was burned it is okay?

    Regards LifesGood
    - A: Yeah, at the end thats fine.
    Just the key thing is to start him how he starts out in the template file. However he ends up is completely up to you.

    Q : What should the stick guy's color be? Black?
    A: The guy that destroy's crazy jay can be any color you'd like. Keep CJ the correct color though.

    Q: Question. Can we alter/move the background around as long as it will go back in it's original place?
    A: You can alter the bg however you'd like. You do not need to have it to go back to where it was. Essentially, after your entry, it will go back to a main menu.

    Q: Can I have two characters coming in from the door?
    A: As many as you'd like!

    Q: So wait do we have to draw the sticks like you did in the template stone?
    A: Try and keep CJ the same, your stick that is going to destroy him can be w/e.

    Q: If we didn't put a part in for the last competition, can we just make a part and not be entered in the actual competition, but rather just be able to be apart of the anim?
    A: Sure, thats fine.

    Q: And are we supposed to put up our name somewhere[a signature] or it isn't necessary??
    A: Do not place your name in your entry please.

    Q: i wanna be in it, btw can we use flash CS6
    A: Cs4 is the latest version I have. I cannot accept anything greater. If you choose to use or only have cs6, have someone save it down to cs4 for you and turn your entry in.

    How to Enter:

    Simply grab the link that is appropriate for you, open and get started!


    FPS: 30
    Dimensions: 800 x 400

    NOTE: be sure to change the stage width to 800. For some reason my default decided to change itself lol.
    Flash cs4 template
    Flash cs3 template
    Flash 8 template

    # of entries submitted: 20

    Users who have submitted and completed their entry!


    1. $500
    2. $400
    3. $250
    4. $150
    5. $100

    Due Date: January 25th
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    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    Yes, yes, and yes.
    I love you stone..
    We are allowed to use angles?
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    Somewhere over the Rainbow

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    I want in on this, but gotta wait for the flash 8 ;o; wanna start now!

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    I am definetly in, this is awesome!

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    senior dismememberer dabigE13's Avatar
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    well its about time!! i like that its a mix of collabs from both websites
    quick question! will we be animating crazy jay how he is drawn in the template or can we animate him in a different style or with line or something as long as he stays the same size?
    Last edited by dabigE13; 12-12-2012 at 03:21 PM.

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    Chile, Rengo
    We can use.. any weapon, and any power? or just weapons.

    Wanna watch this battle? Click HERE for MY part and HERE for GILDEDGUY'S part
    his part is amazing ♥
    Spoiler for stupid stuff:

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    Anything / any way you want!

    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone View Post
    Anything / any way you want!
    Get that flash 8 template up mannnnn

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    Anal Probe Clinic
    Wait, so if you entered the last competition, but never finished your part, does that mean you can't participate in this one?

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