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Thread: wRHG Discussion & Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azarel CS.777 View Post
    Umm... can someone tell me what an NPC. is?
    NPC, as far as I know, is an abbreviation of the game-term "non player character"

    I guess in this context, an NPC is a non-protagonist character?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericAnon View Post
    You shouldn't need to worry; the VRRTF isn't really a public organisation, and is still new enough not to have definitive confirmation of either the WRF or Nehushtan, or any other organisation. Besides, Orin's just there to provide the music. He's not there to spy.
    Oh okay, that's not so bad. And yeah when I say NPC I usualy mean side character, like Crank was saying. Might be mincing words a bit.
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