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Thread: wRHG Discussion & Help

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    After digging into the lore on Dojo, I'm suddenly a lot more interested. I make no promises on the gore though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromium7 View Post
    Nice. Might see more from me soon too.
    Probably the same for me during spring break. Just depends on how much homework I got.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crank View Post
    After digging into the lore on Dojo, I'm suddenly a lot more interested. I make no promises on the gore though
    I agree. In the process of tweaking my character to better fit the lore.

    On another note, I'm going to be absent until next Friday. In the small pockets of time that I'll be available, I should have my Dojo character up to help get our participation number up.
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    So uh, hey guys. I'm not currently writing anything and I wouldn't say I have any concrete plans to.
    Is there anything else you'd want to see from me here? Name it and I'll get back to you.

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    Well, I would really lke some CnC on my story(on OLit). I currently writing the third chapter(very very slowly) and I would like to know ways to improve, especially in giving descriptions of the room and stuff like that. I believe this is my weakest part when it comes to writing so I look forward to improving on that(and on everything else of course).
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    Have fun everybody!
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