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Thread: wRHG Discussion & Help

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    Just as Planned. 969_DoomsDruid_969's Avatar
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    If Alph gets his ass up in here and I get to post some shit, I will probably switch characters.
    This is mainly because I don't feel like I can grow Alice's character much, considering I already grew her in other places and I'm not going to do this multiple times for no reason. Therefore, I am going to use the Lazarus Directive's #34- Washington, because I haven't expanded on her, and I feel like I can.

    Just posting this because it would be cool if people knew why I am doing it, even though it is unlikely that anyone gives a shit.

    I am a quality shitposter(and Magnificent Bastard). You, on the other hand, are a shit-quality poster.

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    (made a wRHG)
    (wants to join a clan for the time being)

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    I agree whole-heartedly with your decision to change characters and hope that you can find one more suitable to your purported needs.

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    On the Vague City thread you were kinda implying you wanted help building a character. Is that still the case? If so, you could probably PM most people, or we could all come together here

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