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Thread: Starting an RHG Clan

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    Starting an RHG Clan

    What is, RHG Clans:
    FA Clans is a coordinated forum game system developed by stone ( travis steven of ) What the object and purpose of the game is conquer all in a all out clan war. What does this mean you ask? Well, your job is to select one of the four sections of the forums provided labeled "North", "South", "East", and "West." You make a topic claiming your stake as a clan leader. Those will come and see your Clan page, maybe would like to join it. Become apart of what it is your stake in the Southern forum. Build reputation in your clan, climb the ranks. Wage battles against other clans forum foreign "Nations" (N,S,E,W). Once your king or leader ( whomever is supreme leader over your "Nation" Will select your clan to challenge a rival clan in a all out animation battle. There will be 2 .fla's. Your teams .fla and your oppositions .fla. You will pass the file amongst your clan members showcasing how you demolish the competition. If your team wins the battle ( which will be voted upon by the community ) you may choose to claim one of their members as apart of your clan.

    How do I begin?

    You first start by going over to your gladiator page copying your information and do one of two things. You may either find a clan that suites your needs, post your gladiator information and request a clan tryout. This will be a 5-10 second long animation that you make that proves that you are worthy to become apart of this clan. If they clan leader ( IE, whomever created the thread ) approves you he will add you to his crew and make you apart of his team.

    Ok, I want to start my own clan!

    Well, you need to fill out this set of information before you may begin posting your clan.

    Clan Name:
    Clan Flag:
    Clan Theme: ( optional )
    Clan Members:
    Clan Territory: (N,E,S,W)
    Clan Animations: ( Any RHG animations or RHG demo's you may have created)
    Clan Characters: ( Post your IMAGES of your RHG in here, and if you have more than one member post their IMAGE of their RHG's as well.
    Clan Specialty: (Description of their purpose, way so demolition such as "Steal Defeat, Brute Force, Magic Attacks... etc)
    Clan Tryouts: ( Specify what you require someone to do in order to tryout as a clan member, this should be a 5+ second long animation )
    Clan Events: (Any re-occuring events that you might do such as a clan collab or clan animation exercise )

    List of your battles:
    List of your Accomplishments:
    List of your number of members:
    Accepting members: (y/n)

    Then you need to select where you are going to place your clan. Whether it be North, South, East, or West is up to you. Make sure you check who is your Nation Leader, they will have some power to dictate over their land and possibly provide tips, hints or even sound packs to their dedicated clans!

    Once you've have decided this you can download the flag design at here at:
    Flash 8:
    If you can make your own, please go ahead, it is not 100% mandatory.
    However, if you choose to not supply an adequate flag ( one done very quickly or poorly, ) your clan maybe subject to lock until an adequate flag is presented.

    Pending on which nation you choose you need to incorporate the nations flag color.

    These are the color numbers:

    South: #58A5B8

    Keep in mind, that there can be only 6 people in a clan, INCLUDING you!

    Well, I'd much rather join a clan. What do I do then?

    Well, in that case you simply copy your RHG character information, go to a Nation of your choice. Find a clan that suites you and post your information and check what their rules are for trying out. Once you've read that, do whats required for tryout and hope for the best! They'll get back to you and either approve you, or deny. Don't fret! There is plenty of clans out there, just keep trying!

    I'm in a clan, now I want to battle !

    Well, contact your clan leader or go out ( if you have the ranking ability to do so ) and wage battle in a neighboring clan. THIS MEANS CLANS THAT ARE WITHIN YOUR NATION. They'll either accept or cower down. If they cower down they loose respect of course. Those who produce and conquer will rise!

    How do we all animate our battle?
    Two ways:
    You first start off with setting up the specifications of course, what fps, what dimensions.. etc.. etc. Then you begin animating! Simple right? Well once you've animated your part you then send the .fla to another member of the clan. He then interacts with your animation then passes it on to the next crew member. Seen JCTLM? Its the same format they used to animate and its the same way many collaborations have been done in the past and its loads of fun! Get 8 x times the animation done in 1/8th of the time!

    Or each member can face a member of the other clan individually as 6 separate RHG battles, which all are voted for as normal then the points are added up.

    Now we've finish our animation, what now?
    You go through and post your animation in the Battles forum section and from there it is voted upon to see who won the battle. If the opposing clan doesn't meet the deadline of when you finish the animation they either disband as a clan or one of the crew members can challenge the leader for his position.

    The votes are in and We won!

    Now that you've won your battle you may claim your prize of ONE OF THEIR CLAN MEMBERS to join your clan. (NOTE: This cannot be their clan leader ) If any other prizes were up you will recieve those as well. Possibly special sound effects? A trophy image? Whatever you set the stakes at.

    The votes are in and we lost :/
    Thats ok! Better luck next time, give the winners the respect they deserve for putting forth their best effort and hope they don't select you as their prize. If they do, flaunt your new flag in glory and help them to achieve ultimate domination.

    What's my position in the clan?
    Your clan position will be decided by your clan leader. NOTE: NOT YOUR NATION'S LEADER. This could be a special rank enabling you to choose battles or edit the clan page, create images or theme songs for your clan. Or you could be a new recruit and should just be happy they put you on their page!

    What character do I use?
    You must create a RHG character and use that information for your FA Clan character.

    Can I include music on my clan page?
    No. Music players of any kind are no longer allowed. "Any kind" includes animations, trailers, or other such content. It does not matter if the content you're displaying is behind a play button. If you're showcasing clan content, please link to it.

    Now, the gloves are off. Find your clan and begin your conquest!
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