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Thread: wRHG Character Rules

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    wRHG Character Rules

    Create a thread in this section.

    Your thread must follow these rules:
    - Rule 1: You MUST have a demo and storyline/history of your wRHG.

    - Rule 2: The demo must (at the very least) be 300 words. Not only is it for showcasing your skill in writing, but it's also for getting a feel for your style.

    - Rule 3: Your Gladiator Page MUST follow the Gladiator Page Format shown below.

    - Rule 4: It is highly suggested that your wRHG be the same as your RHG. It's not required, but it is suggested.

    - Rule 5: No comic sans.

    Gladiator Page Format
    Here is the format for your Gladiator page. Missing a section will result in your thread being locked, whether you put [Coming Soon] on a section or not:

    - Name of your Gladiator
    - Abilities of your Gladiator
    - Weaknesses of your Gladiator
    - Personality of your Gladiator
    - Appearance of your Gladiator
    - Story of your Gladiator
    - Demo of your Gladiator
    - Battles you've finished
    - Points of how much you've won/lost/drawed/forfeited
    The code for the above should look like this:

    Name: <Enter name here>

    Try to be original and fun (*cough*videogame wRHGs are the opposite*cough*). But make sure it is something you can properly describe!

    Can be either a limitation to your gladiator's power or a weakness.

    Be creative
    But do NOT write something like: "Hes a guy who got a sword and now he killz ppl..."
    WORK on your story.
    Also it's a good idea to link your powers to this; like how your character got said abilities, skills and powers. Just a suggestion.

    How does your gladiator generally act? Try to be as descriptive as you can, as a personality will determine every action of your fighter in battles.

    Although you can choose to have a stick figure for your appearance, full body appearances are highly recommended.

    Demo: A small little written piece (300 words minimum, but the more, the merrier!) showcasing your style of writing and abilities.

    Battles: link-to-a-voting-thread-of-a-finished-battle-of-yours

    Points: 0/0/0/0 or 3/2/1/0 For example



    Other Notes:
    - For big sections in your profile, it's a good idea to put them in spoilers to avoid making it too big for all possible challengers. The code to use it is hard to find so here it is for everyone's reference;
    PHP Code:
    [Spoiler=<enter title>][/Spoiler
    -Try to avoid making your profile clumped together. Space them out into paragraphs and make sure to hit the 'Enter' button twice as it'll look much more easier on the eyes for everyone.


    There is a new rule now regarding wRHG approval. I know this is sort of an unwritten rule until this point, but let's set it in stone and make it official.

    wRHG Approval will be decided by the people. Anyone in the WL whether they are new or not may come in and scrutinize or dispute or approve of new wRHGs as they see fit.

    The way I see it, we're the only ones battling and doing whatever with our wRHGs so we should set the standard on what passes off as acceptable around here. You may comment and disagree, call out OP characters, and make suggestions. The creator may defend his ideas, foster them, or change accordingly. It's a democracy now, let's make our WL a better place by dictating how it should be.

    And of course, if arguments drag for too long, I will be around to make the ultimate veto so don't worry too much about holding someone up or feeling inadequate that your character might not be "up to standard". I will just follow the objective rules stated above. But and this is important my approval isn't necessary to proceed. I will just be around to settle arguments and help as well.

    In the future I might appoint deputies to veto in my stead but until then let's just do it like this and see if it works. ~Hewitt
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