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Thread: Replays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josephong View Post
    Vs Facufer14
    He likes to go for his MMAAA start, and i found that going AMMAMA counters it because it gives you one more miner and money to make an extra sword. He is a better player than me for sure, im just posting this to show you a nice build vs his


    Archer spam thrash airs. he was rusty too
    Ay god, why people read "14" while my name doesnt say that, like a normal people can read in my name i see "i4" :v

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    I am WARofTROYA, i made new account i forgot my last account on this forum, well it is not a big problem. This post is the last thing i use to contact with you guys and SE. Now, i am a college student.

    Confenssion Time:

    First, my big apologies to alternatemark, when 2016(forgot the day), In the afternoon i was bored because i could not find anyone in match so clicked LogOff, when the SE's login page appeared, i saw "Forgotten Your Password? " Some crazy ideas went through my brain, and i thought that maybe i could tried like UsernameOfSEaccount@gmail/ Suddenly i notice a name that name was IJediMasterI, i typed and i click reset. I shocked when i read "Password succesfully reset. Please check your email for the new password." when night came, i saw xxlagspike(alternatemark) he chat to his opponents on match(in Top view replay) "i can't open ijedimasteri" wow, i felt guilty and tried to get his account back. I knew that you get IJediMasterI account from someone called "username(i forgot the username)0176") fortunately, two days later i met him on play match and i chat to him if he has access to or not. He said if he had access on but he forgot the password, he tried to reset the email's password by phone but failed. I sent email to brock but he said i must at least have access to ijedimasteri email because he don't trust me. So the IJediMasterI is lost unless crazyjay or brock want to bring it back to you. Please forgive me, i regret to do this. I tried a lot of email too, like and almost all the names on the leaderboard. If you can't log in to your account please check your email because i tried almost all the names on the leaderboard

    Second, i am not a cheater lol, i never ever use cheat on this game, so don't accuse me as a cheater.

    Third, Yes, I am a lagger, so what? This is the dev's fault, they don't want to rent a server on asia.

    Fourth, The reason why SE lost a lot of player is not by cheaters or hackers, but by laggers. Every online or even offline games on this earth have cheaters and hackers on it.

    Fifth, i leave this game forever and this forum or anything that related with SE because i am bored with this game and i have used all unique facilities on this game like membership, an admin chat(thanks brock xD)

    Sixth, guys, please forgive all my fault, this is just a game, a little game

    Well, Good Bye guys, we will not meet anymore. Thank you for anything ^_^
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