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Thread: Do you use Tablet?

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    Nov 2012
    Me and my fiancee use Bamboo tablets for art. Weather it be game textures or random pictures, we stick with AWESOME Bamboo tablets.

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    I've bought myself a bamboo capture pen and touch last summer, I have to say I dont use it for animation as much as I thought.
    I'm a line tool animator, and since I've spent so much time getting used to trackpad, the only time I find myself using my tablet is when I draw or make effects; I actually animate faster with mouse than tablet.
    Its all a matter if how you use it.
    It also takes getting used to. If you're a quick adapter like me, you'll get it in the first 30 minutes.

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    So you want to know this to become a better animator, well I'll be your teacher.

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    You should make sure you want to stick to animating before you invest in a tablet. If you decide to stay with it then by all means purchase one. Anyone who is doing art of any kind on the computer will find a tablet to be an invaluable resource. Also about those saying we all do sticks with the mouse, that's not true. If you purchase a tablet you would obviously use it to animate everything. This includes the characters and effects. Bonus points to whoever notices my pun.

    "<Tsang|Mc> hewitt is a runt, but I like short guys"

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