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Thread: Magus(Anubis) vs Gunrunner(Lag)

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    Quote Originally Posted by omega+
    - Rule 2: If you've finished your battle and your opponent has quit, you may post a thread stating that your opponent forfeit with a link to your battle.
    Why? does it says to open the POLL anubis?
    u wanna dye or not?>> cus u plenty fegit u not tough for mi enah. geht ah life eh jks fk eberyone.
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    Wow that was sexy... Waiting for Lag tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
    at first it was 5, but i lessened it cuz it felt like a bit too much per day... and cuz Strike is a fag.. XD

    but yeah...i took the amount of voters into consideration and usually an average to good battle brings roughly between 14 and 50 votes per person. and with my system, you loose if u get -21 points(1 week poll).
    So like i said, even with a late entry, it is still highly possible that a good animation can pull out a win despite points taken.

    Also, ive seen battles get way over 14 votes in a day, and the whole point is to get the other guy to hurry and put a finish to his animation in the first place, usually in the hope that it wouldnt take a full week to do so, lol
    You have a good point, I was just making a suggestion. Nice battle, but I don't feel like I would vote until I see both.
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    Smexy bro anubis but its wiggly

    Lag where u naw?

    " Every frame counts"

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    I loved your animation!!! The angles and effects, but it could have been better if you would increase the smoothing in your brush ;D

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    Thanks for the cnc :P

    So after a week, Lag has not contacted me or posted on the page, thus he has Forfeit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specked
    does he have a joB?
    I wonder if he is a stoner

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    Anubis, you got skillz, dawg.

    Man, there's been a bunch of good matches recently.

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