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Thread: OGrilla's Easies

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    Risen from the Grave OGrilla's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    That's really not much of a compliment there, FunnyMan. I mean, there are some very good Pivoteers, but you just can't do much with the program and unless you've been using it forever, your animations simply can't be compared with an Easytoon or Flash animation.

    I'll make sure you're not disappointed.

    I liked it, too. Wait, how the hell.... You haxxed me again, didn't you? >

    Wow, thank you.

    No one cares about your opinion, anyway. haha jk
    And it so is. Looky here.

    Thanks! Look at the post below yours. XD

    I am flattered. Though I don't think all of them were that good. There are plenty that I am not so satisfied with.

    No, thank you. I might make a new one reminiscent of it, but I cannot go back and finish something so old, with so few frames.

    Thank you. I tried pretty hard on that scene. It has the most frames in this particular animation and I am very happy with how it came out.

    Thank you so much for the compliment. I am very glad I have the ability to inspire people. That's what this and most animation communities need, and I am honored to be one of the people doing so.
    Like I told Stuffeh, I won't disappoint.

    No, I'll have to go change that. o_o
    It's kind of based off of that animation, but it's equally based off of this one and off of my imagination.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I plan on showing many more animations to you guys in the months to come.
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    madchester vibes
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    Your latest one looks great!

    Can't wait to see the sequal
    (make a sequal)

    Am i spelling sequal wrong?

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    easytooner ace...'s Avatar
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    in a house
    again great animations!!! i liked all of them but ive always wondered were do u go to make the links have the name you want.

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    They're after me...
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    No wear.
    You sexy beast.

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    Keep on pimpin.

    Insane graphics, you go to prove that if you can draw it, you can animate it.

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    i saw no relation to the monk and the fish anim other than he wasted all his time with a fish instead of more important matters, but even though it was without words that cartoon was touching lol,

    could you explain its similarities i didnt see them, but i think if you wanted to be considered the best of all time you should have lipsync all the word like you helo anim, but i understand that would be time consuming

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    Risen from the Grave OGrilla's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    I don't want to become the best easytooner. I just want to make good animations and do my best. If I happen to be the best, that's good. I doubt it, though. There are still quite a few people that are better than me, and I don't know if I'll catch up to them any time soon.

    About the fish animation. I said the style was inspired by it, not the plot. The plot was sort of inspired by the Super Moine animation. I took the style of monk and the kind of feel of animation from the fish one.

    I would love to lipsync it, but you are right; it would be very time-consuming, and since the script wasn't that good, it would be sort of a wasted effort. I may try to lip sync some in the sequel, though.

    Thanks for the replies, everyone! I love reading the compliments, but I like criticism more because it's so helpful. Please, if you have something nice to type, try to find something negative, as well.

    Again, thank you all so much! When the sequel is finished, I will be sure to show you all immediately! haha
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    The monastic way is Awsom art with little animation.... But the art is amazing.

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    yes Scarecrow's Avatar
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    I have nothing to say.

    Just plain ****ing O_O

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    wow OGorilla great animations. and super humble too. really cool, really cool.

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