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Thread: Name and shame the exploiters

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    You are a liar, sad to say, a very nasty repulsive liar.
    This is always an excellent way to start a response. I look forward to seeing how you refute my points.

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    Did I only remove evidence of Theoden cheating from my channel? Or did I completely remove all of my videos from my channel? And what was the reason for my action? Also, what does it have to do anything with you? My channel I can do whatever I want with it.
    I understand that your channel is in the realm of your control; same as your admin account, it is unusual that you would delete every single video, including the ones which you had put effort into. This deletion of videos took place between early to mid-2017, it falls in close with the state of Détente that fell upon you and Theoden. I do not know the full story of what occurred or what pushed you to delete your videos, the statement made in the original discussion was an observation after noticing that videos from your Enjin profile and Stickpage Forum posts; including videos exposing Theoden, were no longer 'linked' to YouTube. Context and hindsight led to the accompanying statement with the observation.

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    I didn't threaten to remove your adminship "over-emotional skew of your political stance". You shamelessly bashed Muslims out in the chat, called me a goat molester, and continuously mocked Muslims and Islam intentionally because of my presence. Sadly I have no evidence, so you can go on spewing bullshit about it. And yes, I will try my best to get your adminship removed hopefully soon.
    That first sentence is exactly that, you threatened the revokation of my adminship because you took a joke made between Charrog and I out of context. The second sentence did not happen. I never bashed Muslims in the chat, nor did I call you a 'goat-molester' in either public or private chatrooms. The only remotely-close instance that you are referring to was said joke made between Charrog and I, and you took it close-to-heart for whatever reason. Even if I do make fun of Muslims once-in-a-while; it is not because you are there, you are not the center of the universe. It is because I am in the mood to make fun of them just as I do with other ethnicities, religion, and ideologies. By the way; making jokes is not a good reason to revoke someone's adminship, much less when the witch-hunter released his password to a known and confirmed exploiter, abuser, and unjust-banner in the first place. Talk about a double-standard.

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    Also, after realizing Theoden's continuous admin abuse, I changed the password to my account for good. No one else uses it but me, since 2 weeks ago.
    Alright, let me get this straight. You gave the password for your admin account to a confirmed exploiter known since 2015. I can only presume that Theoden knew the password since January 2018 or before given your diction and tone of ease in the February 23 post when admitting this. This sentiment was reinforced by others on March 01 and March 04 not long after. You just realized that Theoden was continuously abusing your account in spite of being told this by your own Raging Infernos peers in early-March, and you 'changed your password for good' only in late-March 2018? Pardon my skepticism, but that poorly-managed timeframe of action and decision is about as suspicious as Austria-Hungary taking a full month to declare war on Serbia.
    I did address that point in the original post, you changing the password of your account. Changing your password is not the issue here, the issue is the fact that you gave your password out in the first place. Even if you did change it, what is going to stop you from giving your password to Theoden again; or another irresponsible user, in the span of two months? Sorry to say it, but that is not the symbol of reliability.

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    Undoubtedly you've been living half your life as a troglodyte, which is why you aren't aware of anything that's happening.
    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    You are no different than the notorious KillerAllah degenerate.
    Ad hominem, how rude.

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    Why did my relationship with Theoden change? Because of Theoden's word to end his perpetual cheating for good and I have seen a lot of changes from this respected player you still call a cheater.
    Yes, brilliant. If there is an unbiased source to go by whether or not Theoden will stop exploiting the game; it is Theoden himself, excellent investigative journalism Gaismail. Did you not see the list of Theoden's Offenses? What do you think I am going to trust sooner, something that someone told me Theoden said in private, or the objective actions that have taken place on public forums and game spaces between 2015 to 2018?

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    Ok confession time. Yes I made mistakes. Yes I cussed out some players out of anger. Yes I misused not only one admin account, but two, when ETxLazar was my possession. But what was my intention? To destroy the game? No, but to save it, very impulsively. And I'll make sure not to let any of this happen again on my part. So before pointing fingers at others LVL9001, I suggest you fix yourself first. Hypocrisy at its highest degree.
    At least I did not share my account information with anyone else.

    I like how you did not address any of the points in the original post. You called me a liar for spreading and analyzing objective information with context and hindsight. The only point you addressed from the original post was one that we had been arguing about since January 2018. A point, mind you, made irrelevant due to lack of evidence on your end and a contexual explanation on my end. So before you tell me anything about hypocrisy, I suggest you take your own advice and-

    Quote Originally Posted by ISyncErrorI View Post
    fix yourself first.
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