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Thread: ShadowRose

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    Spoiler for Old profile pics:

    Basic abilities:
    -Quite fast, strong defensive.
    -Can call his younger bro for help immediately.
    -One of his arm is covered with "Rose creeper". Which is coming from his back and can extend the lenght by his mind(but not too long). He uses "Rose creeper" as the main weapon,just like a whip.
    -"Glowing rose" is a flying object that goes around him. There is no way for others to destroy "Glowing rose". He uses it as an ultimate shield or for special attacks.

    -Derax info:
    Color: #CC0000
    Fluent on control fire from his weapons - Flade, which has 2 modes: Blade & Buster. Blade mode is used in close combat with his choppy fighting style, Buster can be charged to a powerful canon (as RockmanX). He loves doing stuff his own way, so he does not always listen to his big bro.

    -The sun light makes him uncomfortable & cant see clearly. That makes him prefer to have fights in the dark.
    -Some of his special moves blow away his ultimate shield, he needs time to recharge his "Glowing rose" again, that makes him more vulnerable to be hit.
    >>>Any RHG can does attacks faster than his "Glowing rose" recharging time.
    -Fire can burn down his main weapon "Rose creeper". The same as "Glowing rose", it also need to be charged to grow again.
    >>>Any RHG who has fire abilities.

    ShadowRose was born in Azoan family with his younger brother Derax who controls fire. Since their elements are against each other, but both have a very strong sence and always understand to their brother. That makes them become incredible team fighters. ShadowRose is a merciful guy and known as a defensive RHG. He would never kill his enemies if they dont force him to do so.

    Although his looking is like a girl, but he's a straight guy.
    ShadowRose is a fair play guy, he doesnt use his weapon if the opponents arent worth. But in other way, if he's losing, he will throw everything he has at you. In the end, Derax will joins the battle aswell
    -Personal act: one of his arm is usually in akimbo pose (hand on hip)
    -Quote: My weakness is my unlimited power.

    Special moves:
    His own special moves are based on defensive techniques by using his "Glowing rose". The stronger move, the longer time he can summon his "Glowing rose". So he can not do special moves continuously.
    "Glowing rose" required:
    Rosi smasher: Put all his power into "Glowing rose", smash the ground with amazing strength. This is one of his basic moves. Uses it a lots. (Used in RHG: King Loxias)
    Rosi strike: The same as Rosi smasher, put all his power into "Glowing rose", throw "Glowing rose" foward to the opponent with amazing strength. This is one of his basic moves. Uses it a lots. (Used in RHG: AAlbusUUmbra)
    Thorn blade: The way he throw "Glowing rose" is just as the same as Rosi strike, but "Glowing rose" turn to be a multiple of wind slashes (Used in RHG: Shura)
    Teleport: He throws "Glowing rose" into the air and petals cover him, allows him to disappear and teleport to another place nearby. (Used in RHG: AAlbusUUmbra)
    Rose clone: His "Glowing rose" turns to him self and takes hit for him immediately, allow him to run away or does a sneaky attack. (Used in RHG: King Loxias)
    Petals shield: ???

    Derax support:
    Flaming creeper: ???
    Azoan muso renge: ???

    Finish moves:
    Flying petals kick(RHG#1 vs King Loxias)
    Ultra jaw breaker (RHG#2 vs Ikarhan)
    Arrow head crush (RHG#3 vs AAlbusUUmbra)
    Kick combo combination (RHG#4 vs Garo)
    Rozu tekiatsu (RHG#5 vs Shura)
    Blossom rose (RHG#6 vs Jade)
    Polaris steal (RHG#7 vs Rosie)

    Spoiler for Azoan brothers:

    Download weapon: (CS4 file)
    ShadowRose: CS4
    ShadowRose: CS6


    Demo for his brother Derax:

    Game and a short story line of Azoan bros:
    part 1:
    part 2:

    Visit this link for all my RHG battles
    ---RHG#1 Win vs King Loxias (by TrulyEpic)
    ---RHG#2 Win vs Ikarhan (by Ikarhan)
    ---RHG#3 Win vs AAlbusUUmbra (by WWhiteSShadow)
    ---RHG#4 Win vs Garo (by Blublublublu)
    ---RHG#5 Win vs Shura (by drackojiano)
    ---RHG#6 ??? vs Jade (by Camila)
    ---RHG#7 ??? vs Rosie (by Rosie)
    ---RHG#8 ??? vs Nhazul (by Nhazul)
    Visit this link for all my brother Derax RHG battle (Doesnt count point)
    ---RHG#1 Lose vs Nemesis

    Hitlist: These are character that I already have story board to go through
    Stage1 story: Kursura, Ikarhan, Nhazul, Ritchie, Fordz, Benjamin
    Stage2 story: Umbrella
    Until I feel like its enough battles for my Stage1 story, I will get to Stage2. When in Stage2 story, I can not fight anyone I want, so Stage2 can not be happens soon

    Current activity:

    Point: Win 5 - Tie 0 - Lose 0
    Availability: No

    Character design: By the time I was playing Castle Vania on PS2. I got some interesting in RHG on F.A page. So I was thinking about creating a RHG has a whip as his main weapon (character's weapon in Castle Vania). The great thought pop out: my last name means "Rose" in English.
    Combine all of them, I gave my RHG a rose whip instead of a normal one. No need to mention that dark blue is my fav color.
    And BOOM, ShadowRose was born...
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    not bad. one prob: if he is fivhting a nigga in the dark, youre toazt.

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    nice RHG and great Demos

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    Hey! It's back! Good to see this RHG again from Fluidanims.

    Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

    Spoiler for Miscellaneous:

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    Good Old Days
    Legit rose dude nicee demos

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    Nice RHG. If its alright, I'd like to add him to my own hitlist.

    Deus - The Nether Breaker lNox - The Shadow Bringer
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    Spoiler for stuff:

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    Im your neighbour
    Your demos are good
    Call me Yukii!

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    Quote Originally Posted by subzero1112 View Post
    Nice RHG. If its alright, I'd like to add him to my own hitlist.
    Anyone who wants to challenge him will be my target

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    Im your neighbour
    I love the picture. Nice fullbody
    Call me Yukii!

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    Hey, been seeing you in DA by some time. You're not bad as an animator, Your anims just seems really unnatural to me. Good luck anyways.

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