No pic yet because this profile is old lawl
Name: Arm Rider
Age: 28
Side: Spy (evil)
Gender: Male
Abilities: He has some weapons (not guns, melees, etc. It is like a small thing that can do major defense and attack) in the back at his hand/ palm (to be moar specific)
Spoiler for back palm weapons:


The stabber's length will exceed from the back palm's center to 2 inches shorter than the midfing, which makes A.R. (arm rider) hard to stab the enemy. The portal's size is too small for a single fist to be entered unless A.R. will resize it. It also takes 3 seconds to resize it and 3 seconds to undo it, which gives advantage to A.R.

Arm Rider lives in America. His parent's were still alive at his present age. He got his powers/ weapons by this.
[spoiler=weapons] When he was 18, while he was having a field trip to a nuclear reactor, he suddenly slipped to the left because of the slippery atomic waste (water if you dont get it or im wrong). When he slipped, his phone fell and he hit a barrel of nuclear liquid, and he was bringing his favorite rock and it fell to. All he bringed was being held by him, and his hands were affected by the liquid. So his hands were mutated. The rocks represents the stabber, the phone (colored orange) represents the shield, the portal was suddenly made, and the skates were given by the scientists as his birthday (at the age of 27).