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Thread: Talos - The Lightning Speed [v0.2]

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    Talos - The Lightning Speed [v0.2]


    < T H E M E M U S I C >
    Coyote Kisses - Binary Suns Remix

    < P O W E R S >
    He has the power to materialize a blue aura, that constantly surrounds him, into any form he wishes.
    He has an ability to summon his halo which enables flight.
    He is an excellent master of hand to hand combat.
    Click to download the halo.

    < W E A K N E S S >
    The bigger or denser he creates, the more stamina he requires.
    He doesn't have humongous strength, he uses his speed for a high force of impact.

    < B A C K G R O U N D >
    He was once a high ranked guardian soldier and was one of the top 5 of the Guardian Army—but he never liked the responsibilities that he had because of his status. In a disagreement of an assassination order of a certain human, he abandoned his post and was tagged as a rouge. He was then ordered to be stopped, be it alive or killed. He was targeted by the other guardian soilders and well as the other top fives; even the best of the top, who is Talos's best and childhood friend, had confronted him. Of course, he had defeated all of them in a duel, and his best friend had persuaded the leaders to cancel the order to capture him. He was then offered if he wants to come back to the army. However, he did agreed to continue to serve as a guardian, but not as a soldier, who has to follow the orders from the army, but as an individual, who can do anything that is right thing to do. He then left the guardian base, where he was born and raised, and found Earth as his new home.

    < P E R S O N A L I T Y >
    He has a great kindness towards his allies and friends and always searches for excitement. However, he is very stubborn when it comes to a disagreement, but for a good reason.

    < D E M O >
    RHGE Joint (With previous powers)

    < B A T T L E S >
    None yet.

    < P O I N T S >
    Win Tie Lost

    < A V A I L A B I L I T Y >
    Depends on my mood.
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    nice rhg, demo is very smooth

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    Nice job. Seems like you've improved alot. (b^3^)b
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    Nice RHG dude, GL in future battles

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    I wuv it! ^-^

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    i like it demo tho... defiantly should get a better and longer one

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    Nice Demo, you have good easing though I wanted to see more
    Call me Yukii!

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    I missed you my RHG page!

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    nice demo, its smooth ~like butter~ lol
    ~Done by Mantha The Fabulous <3

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