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Thread: New to the forums? Check out this complete guide!

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    New to the forums? Check out this complete guide!

    Created by Tsang and Camila

    Welcome to Stickpage!

    This brief message should show you the ropes around here. This is a guide created by the "sectional mods" of the Introduction section that will help you understand the functions of each section of the SP forum. Read carefully and you'll be ready to post.

    First of all, you can check out the new animations and games Stickpage has to offer on our front page:

    Here's some info about the forum sections our site has to offer.

    The Stickpage News - This is the place in which you can check up on updates, contests, and more. It's best to briefly check out this place for updates and changes every once in a while. It's divided into 3 sub-forums.

    Official Stickpage Competitions: We also have official competitions!. Here, you will be able to join an animation competition along with anyone else in the forum that wants to join, and if you win, you may win prizes! Most of the times the first place wins money as a prize, so do your best!


    Announcements: Here the mods and admins will give important announcements about what will happen at SP in general. It can be a competition or a forum change. Keep informed about them in this section. You can't create threads here, but you may post.

    General -
    Whether you want to talk in the Chat Thread, debate on current events, or receive help on your animations and other stuff from other users and mods, it's all right here in this section. You'll also find resources for tons of stuff you may lack at the moment.

    Also if you're new to flash, feel free to ask for help in the General Help section, post a new thread describing your problem, and each one of us will try to help you without any doubt.

    If it can't fit anywhere else, it can fit here. Create threads your favorite type of bread, about your favorite kind of music, or talk about the last video game you've played here.

    Or if you saw an awesome video on YouTube or somewhere else, or if you just want to talk about an awesome movie, post in this section.

    Show Off - Just finished an animation, placed the finishing touches on a piece of artwork, writing your latest wRHG, or anything else you've finished and really want to show it? Feel free to post it here. Also, you can keep in touch with members on the progress of your projects in the Upcoming Works in Progress section.

    You can also ask for comments and criticism (also known as "CnC") for each of your animations/art pieces/written stories posted here.

    Stick Empires - Discuss about the newest game to hit the Stickpage community, Stick Empires, about strategies with the Order Empire, creating and participating in clans with other players, and boosting yourself at the top of the game and more at this section.*

    Play the game here:

    Rock Hard Gladiators - Create you rhg character, battle other characters, and manage your own clan as well as participate in other clans in this section right here.


    - Make sure to read the Rock Hard Gladiators - Getting Started! section, those will be your guidelines to start your RHG, follow those steps, and you'll be ready for battle!

    Do the same with the RHG Clans section.

    Tutorials -View tutorials on animation, art, and basically just about everything in this section. You can also create your own tutorials in which other members can benefit from. The tutorials available here aren't only for flash users. You can also find tutorials for "Pivot", "Easytoon", and several other programs and software.

    Off Topic - Off Topic is home of the Poll Central, which allows users to create a poll-based thread about whatever they like. As long as it follows the Poll Central Rules, that is. The Trash Can is located here as well, which is the permanent residence of pointless, inappropriate and spammy threads. All threads are automatically locked so nobody can post there, but you are still allowed to look whenever you want.


    And that's just about everything you can view over at Stickpage. Have a good time and stay active!
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    his part is amazing ♥
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