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Thread: How to read guitar tabs.[Music][Guitar]

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    Quote Originally Posted by V.Valentine View Post
    I've never manged to be able to "pull off" to give it enough energy to vibrate more. TBH I didn't need to find a tutorial on how to read tabs, but hey there might be people who don't know.

    You might wanna change the Top E into a lower case cause that's how they can differentiate from the two, plus I've always seen the top E lower case'd.
    Yeah, I still have some trouble with that too.

    You just have to keep practicing and eventually you build up dexterity with your left hand.

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    The "h" is the hammer on, you play the first note and put your finger down on the second one while the note is still ringing.
    I'm gone.

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    It was a basic tutorial il add every thing now..

    Thanks for the input guys..
    A new Image everyday.

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    I'v Learnt So Much In Tabs... Lol GodFather Theme Tune >.< Seven nation Army... Metallica - One... Teh List goes on...

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    i have no idea why but i can never play some tabs but then my guitar teacher writes them and its easier. maybe its because he writes them in pretty much all power chords when you hold down more than one string.

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    Tabs are very useful. I've never used sheet music when I was learning how to play but tabs.

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    Hello guys. It is impossible to explain this within one message and you should read special sites and lessons to know it. You can start to read more about the best reverb pedals because if you are going to play electric guitars, you will need them in the end.

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