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    Marcus Jivani II

    (best-known by)

    (nick name dubbed by his "fangirls")

    The SpeedStar
    (title dubbed by the citizens of his hometown)

    Clan Rebellion
    (Clan Founder, Clan Leader & Clan Veteran)


    Crush 40 - Never Turn Back


    - Can run at extreme speeds -
    (top speed is currently unknown)

    - Can kick immensely hard -
    (if you're a human and MJ kicks you, you'll be in a looooooot of pain)

    - Relies on his self-created way of fighting which is based around quick, random kicks -
    (uses this technique to overwhelm his opponents)

    + FEDORA +
    - Has a razor-sharp edge -

    - Can be used as a projectile and as a secret weapon -
    (Because no one expects a hat as a weapon, am I right? Also he rarely uses the fedora in battle, but never will you see him without it.)
    Spoiler for Hat Angles:

    + GLOVE +
    - Made of a thin, yet highly resistant filament -
    (rumored to be made out of pure energy)
    (By the way, he wears the glove on his right hand)

    - Can absorb the energy around MJ and use the stored energy for other tasks which include -
    = Releasing energy during heavy punches, creating a energy burst that strengthens the power and force of the punch =
    = Transferring the energy from the glove to MJ's body, giving him a temporary boost in speed, strength, and stamina =
    = Converting the energy into weapons made up of condensed energy =
    (At the moment, he can only create swords, shields, and gauntlets)
    Spoiler for Weapons:

    - His speed can be overwhelmed by opponents solely based on strength -
    (If an opponent is stronger than MJ, they can most likely outmatch his speed)

    - MJ isn't much of a fast thinker -
    (complex strategies often confuse him)

    - His glove is very resistant, but not indestructible -

    - MJ is just as human as any other -
    (It's his sheer willpower that keeps him alive during moments where any chance of winning is bleak)

    - Transferring energy from the glove to his body has negative reactions once the energy is used -
    (MJ becomes very exhausted for a short period of time)

    - MJ gets very distracted by the sight of women -
    (I guess you can say women are the arrow to his Achilles' heel)

    MJ is the kind of guy who hardly ever thinks and just does things his way. This doesn't necessarily make him an idiot, but he has his moments where he isn't so bright-minded. Overall, MJ is a kind fella who won't start a dispute, but rather fix them. If he needs to, he'll use force to get the job done. When it comes to Clan Rebellion, he always tries to spends quality time with each member, whether it be accomplishing a mission or just hanging out. One small issue about MJ though... he can't keep his eyes off of women. Yeah, he's a bit of a womanizer, so that tends to get in the way of his main goals.

    When it comes to battles, MJ loves to tease his opponents, in hopes of fighting them at their full potential. He doesn't believe in death matches, but given a serious issue, MJ will kill someone, especially if it relates to the safety of his loved ones.

    Funny thing about MJ - he wasn't originally suppose to live the life he currently lives. Before he became the butt-kicking badass that he is, Marcus Jivani II was a very lonely child. His parents abandoned him when he was young, so he lived in an orphanage for the majority of his life. Every family that came to adopt a child at the orphanage rejected Marcus. And to make things worse, he was a victim of severe bullying - all the other orphans and even the caretakers picked on Marcus and made him feel as if he were a nobody. This continued throughout his life: he was bullied throughout his school years, he lost every job he got, and everybody in the town looked down on him. He felt like an utter disappointment. At the age of seventeen, after being bullied one too many times, Marcus was sick of it all. So he packed the very few things he had, and prepared to run far away from his hometown. When he approached the street exiting the town, he was encountered by a mysterious elder, who asked what Marcus was planning to do.

    Spoiler for Dialogue #1:

    The last thing Marcus remembered from that encounter was a bright light emitting from the elder's palm and placing that palm on his forehead. When he woke up the next day, he found himself on top of one of the tallest buildings in the town, wearing a fedora and a glove. He was unbelievably confused, and he even began to panic a bit. But then, whilst panicking, he came across a note that was placed on a stack of documents, explaining the new, better life Marcus was given and his new "abilities". The note stated:

    Spoiler for Note:

    From that point on, Marcus used his abilities to help the citizens of his hometown, keeping them out of harm's way, and giving the people a reason to care about him. But to this day, Marcus can't help but to wonder why would this man give him such a better life, what he plans on having him do for him in the future, and why he suggested that he sign up for this "Rock Hard Gladiator System". Marcus felt that he owed this man more than a favor for all that he has done, so he accepted his suggestion and joined the RHG system, where he would meet various fighters from across the universe and put his abilities to the ultimate test.

    The story remains unfinished for the future that awaits MJ...

    Spoiler for Metal2:

    Spoiler for Less:

    Spoiler for Cheetos:

    Spoiler for Dublyoo:

    Spoiler for YorkTheTomboy:

    Spoiler for Nova1Duke:

    Spoiler for Hun:

    Spoiler for Kiruru2592:

    [OLD][UNFINISHED] Clan SHiFT Tryout
    (I know I know, it shows hardly anything relating to his powers, but just work with me here :c)
    (Also this demo's temporary, so don't get comfortable with this demo for too long c; )

    - RHG#1: vs. Derek -
    + ... +

    - RHG#???: vs. DiPi -
    + ON HOLD +

    0 / 0 / 0

    nah b0ss

    (special thanks to Rosie for assisting me with the story)
    (special thanks to Xero for picking the theme song)

    2010-2014 ~Devin "Chaocaster" Dove

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    Yay! It's about time you posted it!

    Good luck with future battles, man!

    Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

    Spoiler for Miscellaneous:

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    In your dreams.

    Spoiler for Other Signatures:

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    What he said c8
    Spoiler for Best thing I've ever heard:

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    MJ? First time I think that was Michael Jackson.

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    And now the rhg page is up. Fuck yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duduru View Post
    MJ? First time I think that was Michael Jackson.
    I thought mary jane XD but good job with your RHG, a huge pile of text and the demo was good although unfinnished. GL!

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    Thank you everyone for the awesome (and hilarious) comments! C:
    I won't hunt for challenges right now, but instead I'll let the challenges come to me.

    So yeah. Come at me bro. c:
    ~~There's no doubt that I'm the friendliest black guy you'll ever meet.~~

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    fite me u feg

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    or you can fight me Chao. That is...if you're not afraid

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