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Thread: Tips for welcoming someone thoughtfully and respectfully.

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    Tips for welcoming someone thoughtfully and respectfully.

    Tsang's Tips for Welcoming Someone Thoughtfully and Respectfully.


    Hey! I'd just like to jot down some tips on how to welcome a new member to the forum in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Note that your responses to their introductory threads can greatly affect the confidence in the person willing to hang around our site, and can be the marker of whether that member will decide to participate here or not.

    Needless to say, what you reply to someone makes a big difference, and these tips should help some of you think of better responses to spit out.


    - Make sure to start your response with a greeting.

    A simple "Hey there, [name]" or even a simple "hello" would do the job. Using their name in your welcoming response especially shows that you've put thought and initially care about welcoming this person rather than just looking like you gave the look to say something and then leave their presence as if you've never said anything to them before.


    - Relate to what the person said in their introductory post.

    Showing that you can connect or relate to what a person stated in their thread proclaims that you're interested in the information that person has stated. If someone says "I once used Pivot, and now I use Flash" in their post, you can reply to them saying something like "Hey, I did the same thing as you! Nice." Try to show that you have something in common with that of the person who started the thread.


    - Tell the person a little bit about yourself.

    That person can also benefit from learning a little bit about you. Try to tell the person a bit about you so they get to learn who you are and see if they share any similarities with you.


    - Showcase links to other areas outside of the forum in which they may seek interest of.

    (You definitely don't have to do this, but you can show someone you appreciate their interests if you do.)

    What I'm trying to say is, if someone says that they have an interest in sketch art, then try linking them some sketch art that they may like. It shows that you care about the interests that person has, and wouldn't mind if that person had someone who took the time to show them something that could peak their interest of that topic.

    Make sure the links are appropriate, of course.


    - Avoid remarks that may seem rude or uncomfortable.

    It's your best bet to avoid these remarks, as they can be uncalled for to the person receiving them.

    One example of this is if someone joins the forum who details on a feature they have on their face that someone else can make a rude comment of. Try to always talk to the person with a tone of hospitality.


    These tips have been made to further improve your responses towards people who had posted a thread in this section. I'm glad if you've decided to take some of these into consideration.

    Stay cool guys.

    - Tsangykins.
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