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Thread: ACETINO, the space master...

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    ACETINO, the space master...


    - He can throw asteroids.
    - He can switch his gravity to upside down.
    - He is very strong and is great at martial arts.
    - He can get badly injured if he is shocked by electricity.
    - He can't swim so if your fighting in the water he would probably give up.
    Acetino never had a father of a mother. He was created by two stars colliding together then exploding. After a few hundred years he wanted a friend. Then he saw someone! He ran to him a said hello. The person didn't respond. He was covered in this weird white suit but the helmet had come off. He flew the opposite way he was going and was very sad that the only person he had ever seen was dead. He saw what we know as Earth and flew over to the massive circle. After he landed on it he saw many people! He got used to the new place and decided to go into the RHG tournament.

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    Try uploading your image here

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    Holy shit he can throw asteroids.
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    Nowhere in your dimension...
    Lol Extrill, the asteroid has good art.
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    Got a lot to improve but who didn't start where you are now? Welcome in the RHG lad and gl in the future ^^
    If you are able to shittalk about someone, you are able to help him too, remember that!

    Never mess with a panda!

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    Extrillieos! I challenge you to a RHG Battle!

    I Propose a battle in which each anim is between 15 and 20 seconds
    Are you up for the challenge?

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    Extrillieos! I challenge u to a battle!

    Each anim will be between 15 and 20 secs.
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