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Thread: [TIPS] Compilation of standard techniques in Stick Empires!

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    [TIPS] Compilation of standard techniques in Stick Empires!

    Hi guys, I want to make a compilation of techniques instead of making a complex tactic that nobody would understand. Beginners, I want to show you how pros play the game! I want to keep it as simple as I could without overwhelming you with too much information.

    Spoiler for Standard Terms:

    Spoiler for Standard Key Commands:

    Spoiler for How to micro your units properly:

    Spoiler for How to micro with your Archidon:

    Spoiler for How to use your Magikills to it's full potential:

    Spoiler for What units to start with in the beginning:
    Well guys, this will be my last time on Stick Empires and Stick Empires forum. I had a ton of fun lurking around here and making complex strategies and tactics. I really want to help out as many beginners as I can. I don't want to see anyone raging like I did before.

    I just don't like the system in Stick Empires. I always get challenged with lower ranked players (like 300+ rating lower than me) and then getting challenged by higher ranked players (like 400+ rating higher, I faced 2,000's all the time). It's stressful for my opponents lower-ranked than me, and it's stressful for me when I face higher-ranked opponents. I just can't take it, especially when I get called a doushebag by lower-ranked players for beating them, and then being called a noob against higher-ranked players when I lose against them.

    Farewall, everyone. Narsheh, out!

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    What... cant be seriouse... dont!!!!!!! i will really miss you and your pictures... farewall, and have continuos fun in your life...
    "Before you succeed you must fail."

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    Bye Narsheh ~
    I feel the same as urs. SE is dying somehow with less players and I start to get bored because of nothing new in SE after long time.
    I lost my interest in gaining top rank in a dying game T_T

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    Narsheh, NOOOOOOOOOO!
    :P!! - Stick Empires Pro tournament!

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    I think you are a good player and interested in playing different types of games. Because in which way you told us how to play games that show you are a big games lovers. I like your interest in games. I want to make an speech in for your interest in games. I know you have many logic to playing any games. So we want to know your logic.

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    hi there! It’s great site. so many topics and opinions. I used to read, basically but now your site one of my favorites. Thank you!

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