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    Will add an image soon

    -Colour:Black #000000



    -Summons a dragon made up of tiny red diamond crystals from his ring which releases a strong blast and can be manipulated by him.

    -shoots out red diamond crystals from the ring.
    -He can manipulate the aura from his ring to protect his body and boost his abilities for a short time and can do it frequently.
    -Uses diamond ash from his ring as boost while on land and airborne.

    -He's a very good hand-to-hand fighter (His fighting speed and strength increases when he's covered in his dragon aura)
    -Since he has no weapon,his dragon can automatically guard him by 45%
    -He's fast (He gets faster when he covers himself in the dragon aura)

    -His dragon manipulation skills has increased greatly and he is now able to shape the diamond particles into animal form.
    Examples:-Limbless dragon(His default dragon) [fastest] |easy to destroy|
    -Wingless dragon (cheetah-looking,built for close enemy combat) [fast] |hard to destroy|
    -Rhino (Power) [slow] |Very hard to destroy|
    Note:The rhino takes a lot of time and energy to build since it consist of larger and harder diamond crystals to form the armor and its tusk.

    -water(cools down the heat of the tiny red crystals),wind and weapons(sword,battle axe,guns.etc)he can't block them easily in close combat but can dodge them.

    He found a red diamond ring in an old mining camp in the forest and he decided to keep it.At that same moment as he wore the ring,some strange creatures came out of the dark with an aim of protecting the ring. They attacked to prevent him from having it.He tried to defend himself when suddenly he heard a voice saying"use me",he looked at the ring and it glowed then he knew exactly what to do with it.So as time went on he was taught by the dragon in the ring on how to use it in the end he joined the RHG to find more competitors.


    Old demos were lost, will make new ones later OLD
    More to come.SOON!

    -Battles won/lost:4/1


    Up next
    -leo4life - Rematch (Hold on bruh)

    Looking forward to battle
    -Oxob3000 (Wasn't able to animate my part)

    Vs heartsriker-wonHERE
    Vs pedroh(speed battle)-wonHERE
    Vs Frozenfire195-WonHERE
    Vs leo4life-wonHERE
    Vs Oxob3000-lost
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