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Thread: waseem1104 boosting

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    Jan 2013

    waseem1104 boosting

    I noticed waseem1104 at the top of the leaderboards, I found this suspicious as he was at around 2100 last night. I checked top replays and saw that my suspicious were correct, he boosted. I hope I am not the only one who noticed this, but if I am, I made a video as proof in the hope that he stops.

    Spoiler for quotes:

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    Mar 2013
    i noticed it. he is top now, well, this is terrible
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    oh yes... just noticed it today.... strange...but quetion: Is WyzDM still playing?

    EDIT: BTW: Who the hell is Waseem1104???
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    "Before you succeed you must fail."

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    Quote Originally Posted by IHATETHISNAME View Post
    Christ. When even archy has more sense than half the people on these last three pages you know there's something gone wrong.

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    Isn't waseem that asshat from India who came here to do nothing but recruit and brag that he is looking for the best clan members, constantly breaking the rules thinking he is above them and got a ticket straight to hell not too long ago courtesy of the mods?

    (trying saying that in real life^)

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