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Thread: Tsang.

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    - Tsang -
    "The Paddle-Sword Wielder."


    Age: 18

    Color: #990000


    - Abilities -

    Tsang's weapon is a tennis racket with a levitating metal ball connected to a heavy string stored within a metal flap in the middle of the racket. The weapon is similar to a ball connected to a paddle. The metal flap isn't always visibly there, but it appears whenever the ball goes in and out of the racket.

    When the ball is inside of the racket, the weapon is usually used in similarity to a longsword. However, when the ball is shown out of the racket, the ball is used as a projectile weapon, as it's hit and hit again to attack enemies at long range as if a game of paddleball was in play.

    In the projectile setup of the weapon, it can also be used as a grappling hook, as the ball has the ability to be thrust into solid objects, maintaining a heavy grip.

    - Weaknesses -

    Tsang's weaknesses are the factor of other projectile weapons and firearms. He's not too good at holding against such weapons, as he's more of a melee guy.

    - Story -

    Tsang Choo-Ming was born and raised in a small northern Chinese-influenced village with 2 brothers and 3 sisters. His mother was a sports enthusiast and his father was a martial arts instructor. Tsang would often come over to his father's martial arts classes to pick up some tips of wisdom from his father. His father also helped Tsang get into the art of using melee weapons in open combat, which he simply enjoyed.

    Tsang eventually escaped to the city of Stickpage where his great uncle lived after his father went mentally insane and murdered his family out of rage. Unexpectedly, Tsang's great aunt, who has lived with his uncle, used to play tennis for the city. As you can see, Tsang took a turn in a different direction and wanted to go into sports that contain the usage of a racket. His great aunt taught him several concepts he had wanted to know in the field of tennis, in which he hoped to go into.

    But then, Tsang took another turn. He wanted to go into visual design, and wished to design a maroon colored racket for his great aunt to keep as some sort of memorabilia.

    However, in the end, Tsang had rooted back to his love of martial arts and decided to scrap the idea of giving the racket to his aunt and created one for himself using his talent of visual design to carry as some sort of weapon in the RHG scene taking place in Stickpage. He tried to have the weapon resemble that of a giant tennis racket with characteristics of a paddle and ball setup. He also gave the weapon the capability to also be used in similarity to a longsword.

    In the end, Tsang signed up for battling among the RHG scene taking place in Stickpage with the weapon he had designed himself. He only battles to honor his loved ones who had a part in where he is today.

    - Demo -
    Spoiler for Demo:

    - Download Tsang's Weapon Kit! -

    Click here, broseph!


    - Battles -

    Tsang Vs Spawn -
    Tsang Vs Influ - Won


    - Points -



    Available? - Not at the moment. Battling Hidro.

    Yeah, I haven't really updated my RHG in a while, so I decided to bring 'em back. Feel free to challenge me!
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