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Thread: Horribly Violent Ragdoll Killing Game in Progress

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    Horribly Violent Ragdoll Killing Game in Progress

    * Please see the official Dejeweled Development Blog for the latest updates on the project! *

    So Exilement had a great idea for a ragdoll game back in this thread I started.

    It's a game where you build elaborate contraptions in order to brutally kill and maim ragdolls. You get points for the ragdolls you kill, perhaps depending on how horribly you manage to kill them, and then use those points to get more and better building parts. For example, there would be structural things like blocks and boards, but also levers, ropes, weights, spikes, spinning blades, and whatever else we can think up.

    In terms of the three reward types that make a game fun, this game satisfies competence by its level-based progression and unlocking of new building parts. Also, the visceral action of the player's machine emphasizes the feeling of mastery and effectiveness when a ragdoll is successfully killed. It satisfies autonomy in the ability to design whatever sort of contraption you want within your abilities and your in-game resources. Each unlocked building part offers a new opportunity for experimentation. Finally, it satisfies relatedness similarly to Line Rider in the ability to share your unique designs with others. This can either be through YouTube or directly facilitated by the game with a copy'n'paste-able killing machine format.

    This is a game that I think is feasible and could be quite successful. I have a few smaller projects I'd like to complete before I take on this bigger one, for practice mostly, but I would like to start this game in the fairly near future. Meaning: we haven't started yet! We need to solidify the design first.

    What I ask of you is that if you have an interest in contributing to the design of this project, post written suggestions, concept art drawings, or even concept animations if you're up to it. They don't necessarily have to be great, but for now we're just brainstorming.

    Let the concept art begin!


    Here are some good concept animations that people have contributed, from oldest to newest:

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    These concepts don't quite match our intentions for the game, but they are still interesting:


    If you make a concept animation for the game, we'll post it up here!
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    salad days are gone Exile's Avatar
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    Here's what I was thinking could be the starter items. Plenty to kill a ragdoll with.

    I'm thinking you can either change the size or mass of all of the objects below aside from the connectors, and the bar's size will only be changable.

    Here are two rudimentary structures I made in literally 6 minutes in Flash:

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    IZ DED
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    The idea is really good.
    Maybe bombs? The explosion could set things off balance... but it would need...

    Fire? For burning ropes, causing pullleys to drop, or igniting a bomb?
    Also burning the guy.

    Why not the six machines?

    Wheel and Axle (done)
    Lever (done)
    Inclined Plane? (ramps?)

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    this reminds me of a game. where this guy is ur friend but u can hurt him and place bombs everywhere and he goes flying around.

    btw good idea

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    Those are great, Exilement, and thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have some stuff I'm going to post tomorrow or this weekend, but please continue to discuss your ideas.

    Besides for ideas for the actual gameplay, concept art for the look and feel of the game would also be great.

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    looks like a great Idea makes me think of "the incredable machine" games from way back when, maybe ball weights? that move down slopes and stuff, trampolines to launch weights/ragdoll places, and something that we should all love to kill the doll with, a paper shredder =D
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    Poseidon is watching you. Poseidon's Avatar
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    This is like that interactive buddy game. And that is what it is called *jynx*, the interactive buddy game. Here's a link.

    Pops up occasionally, but GONE!

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    Lag = win general_zim's Avatar
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    @ Exilement

    You also have to consider not only the mass, but how high the object was dropped from.

    For example, if the wieght was dropped from the top of the screen, it would possibly be falling at terminal velocity (that is, with regular gravity)

    Thus, dealing more damage.

    And you can also implement the mass into that too. If the object was heavier, it would reach terminal velocity faster than one weighing less.

    just pointing it out.

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    This could be a coding nightmare, good luck with it.

    I see this as a "Garry's Mod" style thing; building catapults and crushing machines is endlessly fun on that game.

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    I have LOADS of ideas for this xD.

    - A cage witch can trap stickmen until you decide to kill them either by using another trap on the cage to kill the thing inside it or squashing it under a huge weight.

    - When somone walks onto a pad on the floor like lasers burst out and slice them gruesomely in half xD.

    - Supersonic wave projecters witch make there heads explode randomly blood spurting everywhere.

    - Mind control on the stickmen to kill eachother xD.

    - Gravity powerups, Other addons.

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