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Thread: RHG - The Handyman

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    RHG - The Handyman

    The Handyman

    Note: He is not human. He is monster. Meant to be a horror monster actually. No dark edgy cool is intended here, just stuff that can help increase tense moments and spooky scenes.


    The Handyman has the ability to sprout arms, hands and fingers from anywhere on/in his body. They can reach up to 16ft, any anywhere below that.

    Casually, he's roughly 9ft tall, but because his body is made of arms he can extend, he can become much taller. The tallest he usually lets himself become is 12ft.

    His strength is average for his giant size, and his punches are a bit more powerful due to his fists being a foot thick.

    When in darkness he's stronger and can cause some simple hallucenations like making areas look darker than they should, manipulating shadows, or just making himself look like a regular part of the room so you easily miss him. This does not mean he controls dark energy. This means he can make you hallucenate slightly in darkness purely for hiding himself.

    He's also scary. The more scared/tired you are, the more powerful he becomes.

    His teeth are sensory organs that give him a medium-ranged sonar, and allow him to feel shifts in air currents.

    He may punch hard, but his grip can be a hundred times stronger. He could squish tank armour like tin foil. In his grip, he could bend vibranium. If it's indestructible, he can't do anything, but if it's virtually indestructible, he could squish it.

    Handyman is 2x powerful against people with "Human" listed as a weakness. Because fuck those people.


    Light. Light makes him slow and weak, and when he's in strong light he can't regrow arms until he's out of it. Meaning you can slice off his arms and make him 'armless huehuehue. He also can't take advantage of strong-minded opponents with a high level of sanity (so if you have an edgy crazy character you're fucked bud)

    Also he lacks intelligence; the most creative idea for a trap he has is hiding. He also cannot speak as he's really just a humanoid monster thing.

    He's blind.

    With the length his arms can reach, they can often become too heavy to lift, which is why he prefers to throw out his longer arms and then reel them in, rather than keep them that length.

    He's slow.


    A creature whose origin varies from campfire story to campfire story, the Handyman is a being of many names. Nowadays it is lesser known, tales of it now being discarded as 'creepypasta', any video footage of it being called 'edited'. The creature has lurked about the Earth since life swam in the sea and started to dig its claws in the dirt. It moves on from person to person, victim to victim, choosing to hunt one or two people every year to fill its head. It has no desire to eat flesh, only minds, so that it may keep some form of consciousness in its head as its own mind slowly slips out over time. It migrates through the world at its own pace, changing home every decade or two, and this time it's ended up in the RHG zone.


    In animating Handy, a flash person may decide to give him a bulging eye and a big toothy grin. He has neither of those. His teeth are pale yellow fingers, and his eyes are dark grey with lighter grey cuticles at the bottom.


    Spoiler for LIKE THIS:

    Spoiler for Stats:


    Spoiler for Theme song (also the song in the video demo):

    Fun Facts!

    1. He's tall.

    2. He can have arms come out of his eyes and act like insecty feelers.

    3. He's a bit creepy.


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    At first I expected a utility man with tools as weapons but this is pretty boss as well.

    Hot damn look at that demo, you'll fit right in Dat Stick. (Better tell Naberius and Th3DZon3)
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    Interesting. Scary. Awesome.
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    That character is just like me when I am trying to scare my family
    Anyway good luck with this character and have fun.

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    That is one scary motherfucker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebmund10 View Post
    That is one scary motherfucker.
    you got that right.. really awesome.. would want to see this guy battle Naberius.
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    Omg! Waffles! I didn't know you were on here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadpool16 View Post
    deadpool best

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    How does he take to insane opponents, like completely insane ones, and not just those on the verge? Like say this guy:
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    Handyman tryout for charge. Youll make it i promise!
    Also good job on the creepy demo and selecting the disturbing song.

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