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Thread: Friday Funk #2: Fallen Kingdom

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    Spoiler for Fallen Kingdom:

    Crank, you did a nice and short piece. I liked how brief it was since the end was very much close with him. Great piece.

    Azure Kite, your piece gripped my attention well. I loved how the kingdom was ripped apart from within. An unconquerable city crushed from within. His monologue as well as the appearance of Skulker further entwined my head into the story and I had really wanted to dwell further into the past to see each of the events that caused the fall of Luxmort.

    SJCRPV, I found yours a confusing due to the usage of dashes instead of quotes. Other than that, the story was great. Coup de etat and you showed it well, nice .

    iarentevil, your piece had one of the most surprising twists so far in the FF. Really. Though similar to SJCRPV's [or the other way around if I had read yours first], you had your own way. Yours was a bit darker as you said, greed consumed the king and he had to pay for it. I liked how it ended though the battle was anti-climactic, I found it fitting for the piece. Good job.

    GuardianTempest, your story was different from the above. Instead of the usual grim fate of kingdoms falling around them, you chose a goblin tribe that had a leader that was okay even if everything was gone around him as long as he was king. I'm wondering though at why the dragon simply leaved, was it because the giant was approaching? The end of his kingdom was funny indeed, it left a smile as I type this comment.
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    Spoiler for :

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    Spoiler for Downsizing:

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    Finally I participate in this old'e FF. Hope I can still get some critique.

    Spoiler for the Way:

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    Read Chapter 1 Here

    The story continues...

    Spoiler for Chapter 2: Original Sin:

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    The spaces left behind by lightning before a thunder clap.
    So, here we go. I went with something on the side of fantasy. Please to CnC~

    Spoiler for The Fae:
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