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Thread: Emerald, the Self-Dozens Stranger

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    The Extra-Extraordinary Mustika's Avatar
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    Emerald, the Self-Dozens Stranger


    Real Name : She will hunt me if I tell you about this, so not for now lol.
    Nick : Emerald, Emmy, Em
    Color : #00FF00 for main color, #FFFFFF for the head fill, and around #BE8B00 for the hair and actual manga eyes (simply draw those green circles for the eyes if you want to make it simple XD).
    Age : 21

    Abilities :
    • Able to duplicate herself until twice of her current age (means 42 by now, including herself). The clones can simply leave the main body after a short internal body vibration for the duplication process, even the clones can still create another clones until the maximum capacity has been reached. They are really identical to each other that as long as one of her is still alive, she won't lose the battle until all existing Emeralds are defeated first. Though she tends to keep the number down in battles (mostly 10 if the enemy's not that demonic, sort of thing. It's situational at times, really).
    • She's able to communicate with her clones telepathically, which is truly effective for their synced coordination when doing tag-teams.
    • While cloning herself, she can duplicate objects which are lighter than her current weight (varies between 47-50 kg), as long as they're in contact with Emerald's skin. An exception can be seen in weakness section.
    • The clones' thought are independent, but often focus on same purpose as the real Emerald does.
    • Her fighting style is unidentified by now, preferably uses punches and kicks only, yet it's helped with her well reflexes and acrobat movements mostly for dodging or anticipating.

    Weapon and additions:
    Emerald has a recorder that can launch a tiny metallic spike (originally made from a toothpick with some Mag-ink, scroll below for further info about Mag-ink) from the recorder's mouth. It could be launched only if the whole pipe holes has been fully closed with the blue shelters provided in the middle of head joint. In before, the tone hole on the lip joint must be the first to be closed so that the head joint's shelters can be attracted and used manually, like loading a shotgun, literally.
    There are 10 spikes inside the recorder which can be used on each battle. Emerald herself can shoot it effectively with almost same speed as bullets due to hidden thruster provided inside the foot joint.

    Spoiler for How To Retract the Recorder Shelter:

    Spoiler for Flute Picture Reference:

    Spoiler for The Invincible Mag-ink:

    Weaknesses :
    • Even though Emerald's clones look tough from the outside and can't be differentiated with each other, there is one fatal weakness for this advantage. Her clones (or she with her clones) will involuntarily self-merge once a skin contact has been made and they release each other's contact - even an unnoticed short bump will do.
    • Not to mention that she can't somehow clone objects that are heavier than herself AND her main weapon while self-duplicating.
    • She really needs to close her eyes during the duplication process to prevent total dizziness when splitting. There were times when she did this with eyes opened but it needs a higher concentration so that she won't lose focus. She ended up a bit dizzy still, hence she has to close her eyes.
    • The recorder's blue shelter can be broken when it's clashed 11 times with other kind of combat melee weapon (e.g. sword, staff, spear, etc.) but range weapon (e.g. shotguns, pistols, snipers, etc.) while the recorder itself can break with the opponents' final special attack. To prevent the flute from the break, she prefers not to use it unless the enemy approaches her pretty fast with sword, sort of thing. Plus, when the shelter that covers the whole pipe holes is broken, she won't be able to shoot the spike properly anymore, even with her own fingers because it requires specific material that covers the recorder itself.
    • She has quite low stamina (around 60%-65%). Thus, she can be seen to breathe every time her opponent got knocked or far away from her in a while.

    About :
    Spoiler for Personality:

    Spoiler for Story:

    Spoiler for Trivia, just for those who cares enough about her detail outside battle:

    -> <-
    -> <-

    - vs Op34: Victory [Alt Link]

    Availability: No. Or possibly yes if the due date would be long enough since I'm sorta busy in real life.
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    >w> <u<

    Incredibly detailed and original ! Show us more detailed views of your flute, like Resh's umbrella ! We wanna see more !
    Good luck Mustiiii ;D
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    ROCK ON, YOU GUYS! >:O Phantom Ace's Avatar
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    Impressive Mustika, one of the original ideas in this forums. This isn't overpowered yet since its well explained and every part has a weakness for itself. Good job on making this RHG of yours original.

    Good luck with future activities with Emerald!

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    cool RHG!!
    btw I don't think that's a flute, it's a recorder......... just saying........


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    Yay, you finished it looking good. Pretty creative too.
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    Out of all the anticipated, and well-worked on RHG's, this is the only one I've seen that's fully finished and which you kept your mouth shut until you finished it. Good job.

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    And so it goes...

    Didn't expect her release NOW.
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    This is a really nice RHG, Mustika! Really looking forward to your future battles!
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    So epic! Looking forward for future battles!

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    I wonder where?
    epic demo..

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