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Thread: Game Tribute Legion 2! *RESULTS ARE IN! WINNERS POSTED*

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    Game Tribute Legion 2! *RESULTS ARE IN! WINNERS POSTED*


    Animations were scored by 3 judges based on the specifications below;

    quality/originality: 10
    length/story: 10
    style: 5

    The animations will be released one at a time, starting from the bottom and ending at 1st place with Resh's MineCraft Tribute! Those who have entered a submission, remember NOT to release the animation until it has been up on stickpage for at least 2 days. From there, you are good to upload it wherever you like. Keep links / logos and intros in tact! This is what helps pay for our competitions in supporting stickpage. Thanks!

    Congratulations to the winners! Amazing entries this year! PM me with your paypal email. Title of the PM should be 'Paypal for GTL 2 - (name here)'

    Pro Category

    1st $800 MineCraft: By Resh


    Total : 71


    2nd $600 Super Mario By Syrius


    Total : 64


    3rd $500 Metal Stick Rising By Rebellion


    Total : 63


    4 Skyrim By Rythm


    Total : 61.25


    5 Scribblenauts Fordz


    Total : 57.5


    6 Mega Stick by oxob


    Total : 57


    7 The Last of Us by K2


    Total : 50.25


    Intermediate Category
    1st $400 Risk of Rain FL - Nordin


    Total : 62.5


    2nd $250 Black Ops by Externus


    Total : 46.5


    3rd $150 Uber Stick by Spectre


    Total : 43.25


    Beginner Category

    1st $200 The last of Us by HyMaster


    Total : 53.75

    ================================================== ================================================== =============

    from this point on, we will no longer accept new entrants or game changes. When you make your selection you are suppose to do so with investigation and thought. Not a knee-jerk action to try and just grab the first game you can think of.

    I will update the thread accordingly. From here on out, you are bound to your selection.
    NOTE: Competitors, please do not release your entries until it is released on stickpage. After its release please do not change any branding on the animation when you upload elsewhere. I will be posting a schedule of when exactly each animation will be released.

    The judges are CRAZY JAY, Winston and myself(stone). We will judge the animations based on the below factor;

    Animation - quality and originality /10
    Story/ Length /10
    Style /5

    Special thanks to CRAZY JAY for hosting and funding the event and prizes!

    NOTE: You will NEED to read this entire post before posting. It contains critical details within each section that can make or break your qualification into this competition.

    Ever wondered what it would be like to take your favorite game and give it the ultimate remake with stick figures? Challenge your imagination to take an old game classic, or reinvent a new one through the best art form ever- stick figures?! Well, here's your chance to take a whack at another one of stickpage's legendary flash animation competitions! Huge cash prizes, loads of animators, and the end result is classic animations for the world to experience time and time again. This is to be your master piece! Do 'research,' buy or play the game you wish to tribute. Take out key details that really make that game what it is and show it in your animation. Of course, it shouldn't be all that hard to research a game you love to play :P

    How to Enter:
    Submit to us your username and the game you wish to create an animation tribute.
    Also, if you could state whether you fit pro or intermediate. If you could please provide us with an example of your work to help categorize you better as well.

    stone - Diablo 3
    <link to animation>

    This time, we're going to take the entry process a little more seriously. We always have loads of people who enter and take the best games / animations to tribute. Sit on their selection so others cannot take it, and never animate anything to it. We have a solution! This time around, if a user selects a game to tribute and does NOT submit an entry they will not be eligible for the next stickpage competition. We don't to be bad guys for this, we just want to give those the best possible opportunity to tribute what they'd like without others just selecting an option just to sit on it in case they feel like participating.

    To encourage competition, and showcasing productivity amongst the competitors. We will be requiring you to post screen shots and keep detailed updates on your entry. This will show activity and excitement to all about where everyone is heading. We aren't asking you give out all your secrets, just a taste to let others know who is still going for the gold.
    Also something new! We will have two categories for this competition. 1 will be for more experienced animators ( pro ) and the other for those who are talented, but may not be able to compete with some of the more experienced animators ( intermediate. ) This is to encourage those who might be turned off by some of the more talented animators entering and essentially 'taking' first or second place opportunities from others.

    Entry Requirements:

    Download Stickpage Package

    Another Introduction Variation

    - Must be at least 120 seconds long (excluding credits, and if you have an excessively long or un-involved introduction)
    - Must contain stickpage preloader
    - Must contain stickpage introduction linking to stickpage( either use the download or create your own )
    - Must contain a small '' text in the top right hand corner of the entire animation ( including credits ) linking to stickpage
    - Must not be released to the general public until released on stickpage
    - Must have a 'main menu' with title of animation and crediting links to stickpage ( you can grab the logo from the preloader )

    If we get 10 finished entries from each category, we will add a 4th and 5th place to that category for prizes!

    Prizes Red = potential prizes if we reach the above goal
    1. $800
    2. $600
    3. $500
    4. $300
    5. $200

    1. $400
    2. $250
    3. $150
    4. $75
    5. $50

    1 - $200
    2 - $125
    3 - $75
    4 - $50
    5 - $25


    - You may have another animator animate a 'joint' portion of your entry.

    What this means, is you may choose another animator to work with you on your animation for no more than 30 seconds.
    EX: Fight scene breaks out, your main character is in a room filled enemies. Your hero cries out for help and 'stone' hops in to help. From there, stone would animate on the file you are currently working on alongside you for no more than 30 seconds.

    - Animators may not choose the same game to tribute within their given category.
    Example: 1 animator may do a tribute to minecraft in PRO and 1 in inter. However, there cannot be 2 animators in pro or inter doing a tribute to minecraft within the same category.

    - It does take some time to keep the front page updated with accurate entrant info. So if you don't see your name up on the list right away, don't freak out. The front page list is just a representation for all to see who is entering and with what. It does not decide whether or not you are in the competition. If you make an animation under the correct guidelines stated above, you are in the competition. The list essentially is nothing more than a tool for all to see who is doing what. We will do our best to keep it updated.

    - You should be posting your screen shots here as others have been doing AS WELL AS creating a thread in 'Community Projects' that outlines your project and gives us an accurate timeline of your project as you move along.

    - Be sure to also create your thread in the Upcoming Works in Progress. You know in movies how they have 'extras' on the DVD / Blur ray menu that show the process of how the movie was created? Essentially the thread you create will be just that. Author sketches, outlines and snippets of you working on it throughout the projects evolution. This would be absolute prime content to link on your main menu of your animation or have linked in your credits. A portion of the judging will also be based on your record of the progress of your animation project. Neat right?

    Questions / Issues:

    Quote Originally Posted by poppetje3D
    Can I make the animation interactive for the game tribute competition?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    Can I make a 'joint' entry?
    No, this will make things sticky for judgement and awarding prizes. As well as a potential unfair advantage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    The preloader is broken!?!!
    The preloader actually does work. However, there are a few things or reasons why it may not be working or why you think its not working.
    - Be sure that your flash file is AS2.
    - If you're just exporting the swf from flash, it will almost immediately skip the preloader and play the animation.
    - If you'd like the preloader to stop on the 'play' button, simply add a 'stop();' to the final frame of the 'play' button completing its tween / fade in.
    - Also, if you upload the file online to test the preloader and it also immediately skips to the animation. You might not have anything for it to load. An example of that would be a very small, or no animation after it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corn
    is it possible to use my own preloader for the competition?
    Yes, you can. As long as it contains a stickpage logo or illustration / text thats clickable to It is also GREATLY encouraged for you to include the title of your animation on the preloading menu. Remember guys, make these animations 100% unique and legit!

    Quote Originally Posted by A13x@nd3r View Post
    Ok then will do searge.....oh btw can I edit the intro made by oxob and use another character and some more effects
    Yeah I encourage users to create their own stickpage introduction that some how includes their game that they are tributing. This will definitely add in some brownie points.

    Quote Originally Posted by FL-Nordin View Post
    so my question basicly is: is the WIP score based on how many screenshot you have or is it completely up to us what we want to post in there as long as we update it however we can?
    The WIP score is based on how much of a WIP it is. You can post screenies on it all day like it was your facebook page, but the bottom line is, there needs to be a kind of progression. Judges wanna know what went through your mind as you made your anim, so they aren't just looking for your screenshots, they wanna pick your brain. As mentioned previously, they're meant to represent your dirty laundry; how/why something in the anim turned out to be the way it should. Concept Art. The Actual Storyboards. Stuff that will never make it in (you can post anything, and if you don't use it, it becomes deleted content as long as its relevant and you can explain it). Explanations for things in a manner by which it is explained in a DVD Commentary. Those are the things they're looking for.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonRhythm View Post
    QUESTION!: what if I've done pretty nice long animation (show that I've put effort in it) but I can't finish it in time, will I still be banned from the next competition?
    Yes. When you joined this competition, you made an investment to finish what you start. If you claim to have made something but request to be immune from the banning, then it's not fair to everyone else that really tried. The absolute truth is that you don't need ALL the days until the deadline to finish your anim. The deadline was made so far because it's a buffer for everything else in your life. This is why BSE rounds take a month tops to submit when the reality is if all you did was eat, shit, and sleep all day you could have it done in a week tops.

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonRhythm View Post
    anyway, you said we would bump out thread when we updated it so that means I can double post? because my thread has no replies
    Update bumps have always been allowed, for as long as the update is significant.

    Due Date:
    [previously June 6th] - EXTENDED! JUNE 25th

    special thanks to Novatris


    drackojiano - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
    leo4life - kingdom Hearts 2
    Travis - Super Smash Brothers (N64)
    A13x@nd3r - Devil May Cry
    Foscex - Black Rock Shooter
    Ceroblitz - Cave Story
    Rebellion - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    FL-Nordin - Risk of Rain
    Resh - Minecraft Oxob - Mega Man X
    Novatris - Assassin's Creed (it's a joke) (lol)
    Syrius - Super Mario Bros
    Julermud - Dustforce
    Frank - Earthbound
    Rythm - The Elder Scroll V: SKYRIM
    Fordz - ScribbleNauts Unlimited
    kemical - God of War Uppercut - Hotline Miami
    theexceld9 - Left 4 Dead 2
    Tsang - Shadow of the Colossus
    Cozen - Bioshock Infinite
    [K2] - The Last of Us



    Arch-Angel - WoW
    FailedClone - Elsword Online
    Lawl - The Last of Us
    B3azt - Assasins Creed
    frNME - Fruit Ninja
    foxbox - Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Drone - Lost Saga Sadko - Age of Empires (i'm the black stickman)
    kronuzFA has QUIT. His Broken Computer is SHAMEFUL. ImNotLyle - Dante's Inferno
    Op34 - Metal Slug
    Spectre - UberStrike
    Sharp - The Legend of Zelda Activeframe - Watchdogs
    SSB - Mario Kart Wii
    Scythe - Dishonored
    Jevahkiin - Metal Gear Solid
    Alien - Modern Warfare 2: Insurgence Nidhogg - poppetje3d
    Equinox Fox - Dark Souls 2
    Wave - Megaman X
    Zane - Infamous
    Armorstick - Ninja Gaiden 2
    Atomicapple- Kerbal Space Program
    Hydra - Thief
    270 - Outlast
    Externus - Call of Duty: Blacks Ops II [Zombies]
    JiBBOOMBEE - 東方(Touhou)
    JanRavnik - Tom Clancy's The Division
    RDLuffy - Super Street Fighter 4
    Omnitron - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
    Flinch - Prototype
    Kodoku - Super Smash Brothers (64)
    graphite - Black Ops I Zombies
    Pyrosamurai - Rune Factory
    Mirandez - League of Legends
    Zevro - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance



    Asuq has quit. Temple Run is dead. Metal2 - Deadpool
    flashfree-k - Battlefield 4
    Guitarii/Reconcile - Heroes Of Newerth
    Crylex - Mortal Kombat 9
    Samy Ichiro - Deathlight
    _SAVY_ - One Finger Death Punch
    Sans - Team Buddies
    Lethal5 has QUIT! FOR SHAME. KidDarkness - Call of Duty Ghosts Storm - Drakengard 3
    Maroon - Dragon's Dogma
    Zetabrand Tribute
    Xenon_54 - Pokemon Ruby
    MoonRhythm HAS QUIT. SHAME ON YOU. Blublublublu - Super Meat Boy
    Kaizen - Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z
    TheBlaman - The Elder Scrolls
    Danick - Mirror's Edge
    nickboy135 - Team Fortress 2
    renZen - Boxhead: 2play
    DotCrow - Flyff
    Tun3 - Final Fantasy Dissidia
    X-Core - Banjo-Tooie
    SmellsLikeGreek - DMC Devil May Cry
    Silv - Castle Crashers Pyrosamurai - Rune Factory
    HyMaster - The Last of Us
    Stan-Ultimate - Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Fix the ff, stone baby

    ***pyrosamurai is both in Inter and Pro. Where is he suppose to be?

    ***And these remain unsorted:
    Pox has QUIT. SHAME ON YOU.
    Shadowtears - Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
    Barthimo1 - Monster Hunter Freedom Unit (Intermediate)
    Irian - Mirror's Edge (Pro)
    ILikePurple - Timesplitters 2 (Intermediate)
    Hikao - Yugioh Online
    Justino (Beginner)
    Bearry - Pong (Beginner)
    Kidkei - Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (Intermediate)
    Xenomaru - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (Beginner)
    varun992 - Tekken 3 (Pro)
    Daikairye - Warframe (Intermediate)
    Kingster7 - Resident Evil 6 (Intermediate)

    Blacklist (the quitters):
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    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    Brace Yourselves, the GTL is coming once again.

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    I'll be in intermediate.

    I'll try to find an animation for you, but I don't have any on my laptop and I'm several states away from my tower
    Here's this. What little animation there is to it:
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    If we do enter, and then back out, and tell everyone we're backing out, does it still count and will we not be able to participate in the next competition?
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    G.t.L 2

    World of Goo

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    Metal2, Deadpool
    Beginner Probably

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    If we do enter, and then back out, and tell everyone we're backing out, does it still count and will we not be able to participate in the next competition?
    Correct, if you are going to commit to this- go for it! Work hard, put in the effort. Buy the game you want to tribute, 'study' the poo out of it. Become your game, and make the best possible tribute that could ever be.

    Loads of people have found great success following their entries here. All this really does is promote you to work hard and strive for something you can truly be proud of!

    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    * SkyShark is now known as GroundDolphin
    <GroundDolphin> I'm in disguise now
    <_> LOL

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    here a little shortie:
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Spoiler for Clans:

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