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Thread: [Gtl] Super mario bros trib

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    [Gtl] Super mario bros trib

    Game tribute legion comp; Tributing to Super Mario bros, that really old game lol

    Preview ;

    Spoiler for 1:

    Spoiler for 2:

    Spoiler for 3:

    There will be no storyboard, it's basically just straight out 2d and attempting to do my best at syncing with the song. There may be an angle or two but everything is just the entire map of world 1-1 (and maybe an extra scene ..)

    47.7 seconds in total
    30 fps
    700 x 300 canvas
    200+ symbols (including sfx)

    Sites where I got sfx/sprites/etc (reference vid)

    Spoiler for Mario:

    Spoiler for Enemies:

    Spoiler for Koopashells:

    Last updated ; 6/4/14
    (I won't update frequently, only when I get important screenshots and etc, I'll show more soon lol)
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    Didn't you do this game for the last GTL too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rythm View Post
    Didn't you do this game for the last GTL too?
    Never finished it :( , but don't worry i'm not reusing any junk from last comp.

    Here's the old one < that's absolutely terrible now that I'm seeing it, I feel like it'd be cool to start over with the same game now that GTL2 just came out, and considering I've improved alot and I'm really famiilar (like reaallly familiar) with this game I think it's great that I get the chance to do this

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