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Thread: Friday Funk #9: Failing is Just a Part of Life

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    Friday Funk #9: Failing is Just a Part of Life

    Well, now what do we have here? A deary stumbling into this thread in curiosity? Hmmm, maybe you've been following this all this time? Well whatever your reason for being here I bid you all welcome!

    Where am I welcoming you to? Well that's a good question~! For your information this is theFriday Funk, a weekly activity where I post either a word, a phrase, a theme or an established setting. Your job is to write a story about it and post what you got on this thread, of course remember to put it in a spoiler to avoid long posts and if you haven't finished your piece and it's past the due date, well it doesn't really matter! The thing is that the due date is here to motivate you to finish the story, in truth anyone can do any past FF any time they please.

    Now that that's done with, let's say we go to the prompt this week shall we~?

    Spoiler for Failure:

    Also everyone is free to CnC (Comment and Criticism) anyone's entry! No matter what kind of level of writing you are or even if you just happened to pass by and found an entry that you loved, I'm sure that the Writer would be more than happy to know what you thought~

    Have fun darlings and good luck~!

    Also if anyone has an idea for an Friday Funk prompt then you're more than welcome to send your idea to me via Private Message~
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    "I failed", Brian whispers to himself while covering his face with the palms of his hands. He doesn't know whether he is covering his face because he feels a mixture of shame and guilt, or just because he wants to hide his tears from the girl in front of him, Anna.
    "You didn't 'fail' Brian, please, I did! It was my fault" Anna says in a voice filled with fear and tears, maybe even a little bit annoyed because Brian doesn't understands her.
    "Then why did you do it!" Brian screams at Anna, "Did you like his hands all over your body! Did you enjoy the taste of his lips". A uncontrollable cry emits from Brians mouth, a mixture of anger, guilt and powerlessness fills is body and heart. "I did everything, I tried..." Brians voice almost gives up under his emotions.
    Anna takes a step closer to Brian, fearing he will let himself fall backwards, killing himself. "I didn't know what I did Brian, I cannot even remember it! Somebody must have put something in my drink!" Anna starts crying to, feeling scared and confused. "Please, just get away from the ridge Brian" she cries.
    "Something, something deep inside of you must have craved another mans attention. I gave you all my trust that night Anna, and you threw it all away" Brian says in a strange calm voice, his tears have grown cold, his heart has broken. "Now that I have no more trust in you, how can I believe you when you told me you were drugged? I know how you party Anna, a lot of drinks, and plus, your girlfriends always get drunk" Brian shakes his head slowly, "I cannot understand why you still cannot tell me the truth, I'm on the edge Anna, safe me". A sudden flow of anger rushes through Brians heart. "Why" he screams, "I lived three years, three entire years without even looking at girls or paying any attention to my social life. Just for you! One night Anna, ONE NIGHT, and you've went with some other guy. DID YOU LIKE HIS HANDS DID THEY FEEL GOOD??!" Again he breakes down crying.
    "I don't know Brian" Anna cries "I don't know..."

    Wind sweeps through brians hair. The sound of Anna's scream slowly faints.
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    Took me hours, I think I went too far. Pardon if it's cheesy but I felt like it.

    Spoiler for Izzy's Lament:
    I suck at initial proofreading
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