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Thread: Music Discussion Thread

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    Music Discussion Thread

    There is a video game discussion.
    There is an anime discussion.
    There is a movie and TV discussion.

    I wanted to make a 50 shades of grey sex chat thread, but unfortunately, there are minors who prowl the forums. So music discussion it is. Get on it.

    Miracle: I enjoy a lot of artists from the electronic genre, Madeon being my favourite

    Jutsu: I respect that. More of a jazz swing kinda guy.

    Reconcile: Electro is not really my thing, but at least it isn't skrillex.

    Micveir: Group hug.

    Cool kid 69: u lil shit face, skrilex iz teh best music evr, go kil urself

    Swag4lyfe: naw mayne, fuk dat, skrillex is filth.

    In other words, don't be an idiot. Respect people choices.
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    No fuck off back into the tool shed.
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    O.M.G JukeJuke was banned on forums

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    I've been getting more and more into Monstercat recently... Really enjoying it and finding so many awesome new artists.

    My favorite electronic artist would have to be Razihel. He's just too amazing.

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    We've had a music thread that was binned because inevitable bickering happened over-time. Don't want it to happen again.

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