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Thread: Weird Weapons Invitational | NO PENISES ALLOWED

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    Weird Weapons Invitational | NO PENISES ALLOWED

    No, this isn't a shop. This is a have fun.

    Aren't you guys sick of seeing swords and guns up the wazoo? Don't you sometimes feel the need to unwind and design something extraordinarily improbable?

    Then step right up and make some weapons. This thread has one purpose only: TO MAKE WEIRD-ASS WEAPONS.

    But what exactly is the definition of "weird"? It is a combination or any of the following specifically:

    Crudely Done - Never made a weapon in your life? NO PROBLEM. Just make a half-assed attempt at whatever you think your gun/sword/anvil should look like then slap a label on it and viola, instant weirdness! They don't even need to be of high quality. If you really think you can't do X, think again. You can, it'll just look like crap. Go for it!

    Hilarious and Silly - A Chicken Flail, False teeth that shoots meatballs, a giggling electric toothbrush. Weapons that make you think: why in god's name does shit like this exist? Why, to be showcased in this thread of course!

    Highly Improbable to Wield - So you wanna make a three-handed sword that each has a literal hand that holds three more swords each, but you fear that there's no way anyone would ever use that unless they have super-strength and---SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP. In this thread, logic is thrown out the window!!! Just make the goddam weapon no questions asked.

    Mutations - So you see that someone has a weapon or already made a weird-ass weapon but you feel that it can use a little more dakka. NO PROBLEM. Take it as your own and add something or change it entirely. Then post it again. It will legitimately be your entry and you can even slap an entirely new name on it.

    Any 1 or both or all of those 3 criteria is all that's needed to be able to qualify for this thread. So say for example, you wanted to make a bicycle that shoots lasers (hilarious) but you also think that the bicycle itself should be a sword IN THE SHAPE of a bicycle (improbable). When you start making it, it takes you the whole day and it ends up looking NOTHING like what you've made (crudely done). AAAAAND YOU'RE DONE! POST IT HERE! YOU DID IT! YOU HAVE AN ENTRY!

    Of course it goes without saying that the more aesthetically pleasing a weapon is, the better reception it'll get. But a crudely drawn laser pistol is still a laser pistol. So just go wild with whatever you've got.

    And yes, you can submit MULTIPLE entries. Make a bajillion? I don't fucking care.

    If you're out of ideas, then just do the ff:
    1) Go outside and go to the very first person you see.
    2) Ask them what their favorite material object is in the whole world.
    3) Go to another person or stay with the same person.
    4) Ask them what they wanna use to fight in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
    5) Go home and boot up Flash.
    6) Combine the answers from #2 and #4 and start making something!

    My only number 1 golden rule is that the weapon must be usable as a weapon. Yes, I said that improbable wields are allowed, but don't just put any abstract or literally piece of shit and say "oh, you can use this pile of poo to throw at people". This is still a weapons comp. So unless you can't make that a poo shooter or if anything that isn't seen as a weapon (by me basically, unless you can justify) will be disqualified.

    So to summarize: you cant just make a Tree and say its a weapon. If you put handles on the tree however...

    And before you ask: Yes, it doesn't necessarily have to be wielded to be used as a weapon. It can also be activated, driven, thrown, or plugged into your nasal cavity to work! So this comp. is not above making flying machines, rube goldberg devices, or grenades (for as long as you can also provide assets of what appears when it explodes). Remember, as long as it can be weaponized, it can exist in this thread!

    After a certain time has passed, I shall hold a poll for the Top Weird Weapons. But until then, just start posting your shit. There is NO deadline. The deadline is "whenever I feel like it". GO GO GO!!!
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