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Thread: practice 4

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    where do you think?

    practice 4

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    It's good, but when you watch it for the first time it seems a bit bad, maybe because of the movements i really dont know but i couldn't do better so nice job

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    They are standing too sraight up. When you battle someone, you have to curve the spine, reach him, but they seemed a little too casual about it. I liked the from where he stands on his arms and hits, it looked pretty fluid and smooth.

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    I liked the combo and the kicks were really smooth. But the movements are maybe a little fast. You could give more anticipation to your stick figure to make the hits look more powerful. And when he does the handstand, he makes a 180 degree turn in mid-air. What I do is I watch lots of speed animations on youtube to see how other people animate fighting moves and that helps me with my overall animating. Good Luck with your future animations.

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    Uhh, some small stuff to start you out with.

    -Have his movements pull back and anticipate before making big movements.
    Feel free to use lots of easing on these parts.
    -Some attacks you will want to follow through with the movements, others you'll want to have recoil.
    Attacks that recoil generally generate enough shock and force to jolt the opponent.

    Both of the above are also effected by how stiff or loose(fluid) your animation is.

    I want you to stand up, get in a loose fighting stance, pretend your limbs are made of rubber, And then bounce up and down a few times.
    Note how your limbs move based on the position of your hips.
    When you're comfortable with analyzing what your body is doing, make a few jabs and then throw a forceful punch while doing the same prior action.
    Just pay attention to how your body moves and you'll start to get a feel for figuring out how to make fluid movements with your animations.

    The Opponent clearly looks like his movements were restricted to match his attacker.
    Reactions can be very hard to get down right in animating fight scenes.
    You might be better off simply having the opponent block the small attacks until you figure out how to loosen up your figures movements and stances.

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    Just work on movements

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