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Thread: VoD R1: The Strongest vs ErrorBlender

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    VoD R1: The Strongest vs ErrorBlender

    Bl.An.C. (ErrorBlender): Android suit, weapon/equipment manifestation.
    Wildfire (The Strongest): Flame projection, empowered in fire, and fire doubles.

    The stories below are posted in the order that they were submitted and may not be the order in the title or of the character blurbs above. When giving feedback (and you should), please keep the authors of the respective stories anonymous even if you know which one it is.

    Spoiler for Story 1:

    Spoiler for Story 2:

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    Boomerangtang Boomerang's Avatar
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    Okay, so I have to say that this was one of the battles I anticipated the most to CnC, because of the pure talent between the both of you. I enjoyed both story 1 as well as story 2, and I believe it was a great battle between both.

    Spoiler for Story 1:

    Spoiler for Story 2:

    At the end of the day, I have to go with Story 1. Great fight you guys, and I'll leave the things I missed to other CnC'ers.

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    Hey I'm that dude Tsang's Avatar
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    Alright, so I just read through ErrorBlender's story (I have yet to read through The Strongest's story), and I've got to say, I really liked it! You and The Strongest are definitely skilled writers. However, I do have some things to suggest that could make your story better.

    Spoiler for Story 1:

    Spoiler for Story 2:
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