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Thread: Classic Crossover [ Due Date Extended! Oct 5th ]

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    Classic Crossover [ Due Date Extended! Oct 5th ]


    To honor Stickpage's Birthday, we wish to pay tribute to what makes this place great, classic stick figure animations ( with a twist .) Classic Crossover is a unique competition where competitors are tasked at selecting two popular animations from the past and animating what it might be like if those two animations merged. A fan of shock? Maybe of Ghost Fight as well? You, as a competitor, can take those two inspiring animations and bring them together with your own creative flare and interpretation.


    Regarding Blacklist from GTL
    Quote Originally Posted by Arch-Angel View Post
    There could be a plethora of answers.
    My biggest complaint with the issue is that active members who want to participate cannot because they might have not been able to finish last round due to personal issues. Yet people who don't even show up for months if not longer can show up to make a post in a thread and then receive an award for their participation. It's kinda like shitting on the actual community.
    There was over 3 months + an extended deadline. Many people started after the initial deadline. The entire reason that penalty is in place for GTL specifically is because there are a lot of high quality games that people would rush to squat on then do absolutely nothing for the next 4 months that followed.

    You cant tell me, 90% of the people who signed up didn't have any time in 3 + months to sit down and animate or put forth effort. You could've animated less than 4 hours a week and had something to show. I said before that if you submit to me, some form of result of your GTL showing that you at least tried I can consider exceptions. Every year, every competition- it is always the same set of excuses like; school, hd crash, or computer exploded. All of things can happen yes, but for extended periods of time? Never even started? Or maybe just an intro? All that, and people would sit on selections that others who are putting forth the effort were dieing to have. This is to protect those who really want to go for the gold, and those who wish to just see their name on a list.

    Once again, if you PM me with a shown viable effort for your GTL, I can give you an exception. if its just a 15 second intro with no storyboard or anything, even with a sob story, won't cut it. I'm sorry, but I understand procrastination runs within our blood and the struggle is real. However, it was stated specifically in the rules that that was the known penalty before signing up. Of course, none of those who had these personal issues even tried to come forth and say ahead of time ( or at least not within the last 2 weeks to see if they could save themselves. )

    Now, there isn't a penalty on this one for signing up just to give everyone a little extra leverage since I realize many of you didn't think the rules would be enforced or you would think you would even care for the future. I know this seems like I just hate you all, but it is truly just tough love!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zane View Post
    I'd like to reiterate on what Arch said, I get the whole penalty thing, sure fine, whatever, but why on a comp like this? Why not just prevent those in a next comp when rules are similar. In this one, it doesn't matter if you choose the same as someone else, defeating the purpose of the blacklist.

    I guess it's punishment? ; - ;
    It does matter, it's not only to protect this list its to prevent people from just tossing a name out there and taking quality tributes / animations just to squat on them ( which you know who you are, who are guilty of this. ) It also does still matter as you can select the same animation, but not the same combo. Even still, allowing the same anim 2x there will still be conflicts between selections.


    How to Enter
    Look through the 'Animation Selection List' below and think hard! Decide what YOU believe would be an epic combination that you can animate to the best of your ability. Once you have your animations in mind, post your selection here. That's it!


    - Must be at least 1.5 mins long ( not including credits )
    - Must NOT contain profanity or cursing of any sorts. 'Hell, damn, dang, darn etc' are acceptable and if you must '#@$%%^'
    - Must contain stickpage preloader
    - Must contain stickpage introduction linking to stickpage( either use the download or create your own )
    - Must contain a small '' text in the top right hand corner of the entire animation ( including credits ) linking to stickpage
    - Must not be released to the general public until released on stickpage
    - Must have a 'main menu' with title of animation and crediting links to stickpage ( you can grab the logo from the preloader )
    - Do not showcase any rotoscoped or clearly 'inspired from' of other popular or copyrighted works


    How It Will Be Judged
    3 Different judges will score the animations based on the below;
    quality/originality: 10
    length/story: 10
    style: 5


    Animation Selection List
    Scan through these sections here, you'll be surprised what you can find. Note, you MAY link another animation outside of stickpage that can be considered if approved by a mod or myself.



    - You may have another animator animate a 'joint' portion of your entry.

    What this means, is you may choose another animator to work with you on your animation for no more than 30 seconds.
    EX: Fight scene breaks out, your main character is in a room filled enemies. Your hero cries out for help and 'stone' hops in to help. From there, stone would animate on the file you are currently working on alongside you for no more than 30 seconds.

    - Animators may not choose the same combination of animation to tribute within their given category. However, the same animation may be chosen more than once.
    Example: One animator may select Ghost Fight + Shock, another animator may select Ghost Fight and ( something else ) or Shock and ( something else ) but not the same 2 animations.

    - It does take some time to keep the front page updated with accurate entrant info. So if you don't see your name up on the list right away, don't freak out. The front page list is just a representation for all to see who is entering and with what. It does not decide whether or not you are in the competition. If you make an animation under the correct guidelines stated above, you are in the competition. The list essentially is nothing more than a tool for all to see who is doing what. We will do our best to keep it updated.

    - You should be posting your screen shots here as others have been doing AS WELL AS creating a thread in 'Community Projects' that outlines your project and gives us an accurate timeline of your project as you move along.

    - Be sure to also create your thread in the Upcoming Works in Progress. You know in movies how they have 'extras' on the DVD / Blur ray menu that show the process of how the movie was created? Essentially the thread you create will be just that. Author sketches, outlines and snippets of you working on it throughout the projects evolution. This would be absolute prime content to link on your main menu of your animation or have linked in your credits. A portion of the judging will also be based on your record of the progress of your animation project. Neat right?




    1. $700
    2. $500
    3. $400

    4. $300 (potential bonus)
    5. $200(potential bonus)

    1. $400
    2. $250
    3. $150

    4. $75(potential bonus)
    5. $50(potential bonus)

    1. $200
    2. $125
    3. $75

    4. $50(potential bonus)
    5. $25(potential bonus)


    Due Date!

    Extended Due Date!
    October 5th

    September 28th ( by Midnight Pacific Standard Time)
    Late entries may be accepted with a penalty.


    Entrants and Animations

    Spoiler for Beginner:

    Spoiler for Intermediate:

    Spoiler for Professional:

    Spoiler for Unknown Standard/Unranked:
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    erm you tell me
    Woah sweet :P gonna do this

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    This is your chance guys! The big dogs behind stickpage were really stoked with what you guys were able to do in the Game Tribute Legion that they've given us all the opportunity to go for it again in this competition. I know you guys are capable of extremely high-quality work and I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with! LETS DO THIS!

    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    Woo! Really excited for this one!

    ~ facebook ~ soundcloud
    #gavx or something

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    If a desired animation is a series, do we have to choose one part of the series or is it alright to get the main character for the series?

    Example: Xiao Xiao Series

    I'll participate.

    Apache and Xiao Xiao Series
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    Deadline's my birthday? AH-MAZ-ING!

    I'm thinking of joining, hang on while I browse the archives.

    EDIT: Is '4-Day Trailer' a legal target? Just wondering.
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    I think I might do this, after my RHG battle with Kursura.

    Intermediate, and I'm merging Drunken Stick with Kill The Spartan; I'm calling it: Kill the Drunken Stick. Default name unless I can think of another name.

    EDIT: New name: Drunken Fist, Iron Shirt (Traditional Chinese: 醉拳鐵襯衫)
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    Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?

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    Now this is something I'd love to do
    I'll do Hyun's RHG vs Terkoiz + Shock!

    Intermediate (maybe pro)
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    In your dreams.
    Aggression + Rebalanced

    I don't know if you need an animation to rank me, so here is my most recent.

    EDIT: I'll go intermediate pls.
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    It should be noted that if you have previously entered in the GTL but failed to submit an entry then you won't be eligible for this event. As it was stated in that thread.

    So don't waste your time because we will catch you if you attempted to make an entry anyway.
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