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Thread: Super Stick Bros

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    The Dark Shadow Fordz's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
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    Sooooo awesome ;D

    I like the way how you turned everything into stick figure madness.

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    Wowaw thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback and glad you guys enjoyed it <:)

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    Very epic! Although, the only negative aspect I think is that Bowser didn't have his red haircut. :|
    Nevertheless, it's awesome.

    (Edited part:
    P.S.: Oh, I just realized he didn't have his haircut in the first games :| , so yeah... good job. )
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    Potatoes r gewd 4 u!!! Praetorain's Avatar
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    Too bad Bowser doesn't have his fabulous hair. God, that intro scared the living shit out of me..

    Quote Originally Posted by _Revenger View Post
    all hail P12323

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    gotta love Syrius for it! : )
    but the part where you skip to the boss, I wasn't expecting that. but still awesome!

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