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Thread: Ajax & Oni (Available)

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    Ajax & Oni (Available)

    -Age: 27
    - Abilities:
    Energy absorption/expulsion - can gain energy my touching and obsorbing matter, usually leaving the object destroyed. How much energy he gains depends on the size and makeup of the object. While Inanimate objects can take a few seconds to absorb, biological organisms can take minutes of uninterrupped contact, though Ajax will gain more energy from it. Can expell energy in many forms. Into blasts of energy, a momentary shield, even floating balls that follow untill needed.

    Energy Clones - If Ajax has suffiecent energy he can give up some to create an independent clone. This clone does not need the owner to be able to stay active, it only needs for its (un-replenishable) power source to stay active. The only way a clone can loose its energy is by taking damage or by using an energy attack itself. They have infinite amounts of stamina until their power source becomes so low that it can no longer hold its form. How strong the clone is depends on how much energy Ajax puts into it and a clone can never use an energy attack equal to or above the amount used to make it.

    Enhanced Condition - Given a charge Ajax is Significantly stronger than the Average person. The more he absorbs, the stronger he will become.

    -Weapon- The Consumer

    Has the ability to store Energy within. Whether it be to stop him from holding to much within himself or for a recharge later on during the fight.
    The blade is strength is determined by how much energy is inside it at any given time, meaning if energy is drawn from it during battle it will slowly do less damage. The blade however does not lose any charge from normal use.

    CAN: Absorb pure energy
    Cannot: Absorb energy from solid materials

    CAN: Overload
    DOES NOT: Explode. The canisters at the top will break though

    CAN: Cut through solid Objects
    DOES NOT: Always have the energy contents to do so

    CAN: Shoot Energy
    CANNOT: Shoot energy unless an energy manipulator is wielding it.

    Ajax actually happens to have two personalities. One that embodies kindness and one that embodies anger. The Former is the original host of the body Ajax and the latter is the un-invited host Oni. When Ajax fights he tends to use less deadly methods. He is even known to use the back of his sword when he knows he will land a hit so that there is no death. To Oni there is no point in holding, if there is someone between him and where he needs to be there will be a fight, and there will be death. Oni will be quite sporadic and agressive while Ajax prefers to observe and adjust accordingly

    - Weaknesses of your Gladiator
    Leakage: The more Energy he uses the weaker he gets. Ajax can barely function without some kind of charge
    Parasite: The only we he can regain energy is by absorbing the electrons from another object
    Identity Crisis: His Split personalities can lead to internal power struggles. Only one can use the body while the other sits back in the subconcious mind
    Hard to Please: Most things will only give him slight charges. He will get the most energy from Electric devices or even pure energy from another source. Things like Rocks or walls usually only give him enough to keep him going unless in large amounts.
    Overcharge: If Ajax absorbs more energy than he can actually hold he will suffer from an overcharge. Results can vary from sporadic Emp's to Random expulsion of energy in the from of energy balls to Ajax simply exploding

    -Helpful Tips
    Victory Shower: If you defeat a clone it dissipates into blue enrgy
    :P Quick change: Can change energy attacks into clones mid blast but cannot change clones back into energy unless absorbing them
    :P For Glory: Clones can waste their energy and be unable to hold their form, it just depends how much energy they are created from and how much they decide to dish out in terms of energy attacks
    :P Cant stop wont stop: Clones do not get tired, they are either fighting(or planning) their hardest or they around
    :P Dont need no Man: Clones can operate independently as long as they have a power source, even if Ajax is unconscious or not in the area
    But Why?: Emp's Can disrupt a clones form
    :P Thats all you get for free: Clones CANNOT absorb more energy, they must work with what they have
    My life is Ruined: Ever since Oni came around Ajax began developing his abilities so if Oni somehow goes the powers will probably go with him
    :P Eye Spy: Eye color changes depending on whos in Control Red=Ajax/Yellow = Oni

    - Story of your Gladiator
    When Ajax was young he always wanted a brother, so much so that he would beg his parents to "get" one almost everyday. It wasnt simple greed that caused him to beg for this brother however, its was on account of his overall loneliness and desire to be able to always be around someone like him. He tried wishing on stars, using wells, even trying different methods to obtain good luck so that his wishes might actually come true, but of course for the most part those were just fairy tales. He started using imaginary friends to fill the the void he was obsessing over, creating new and unique personalities. You could say he was becoming mentally unstable all because of a lack of a constant friend.

    One day he was out, roaming around as he usually did and h ended up at the museum. It wasnt uncommon, it was a queit place where he could let all his inner voices mingle. He stumbled across some old armor, the info plate said the "Demon of the west" he read some of the plate but what caught his eye was that this "Demon" was plagued with multi-personality disorder, and though Ajax didn't necessarily have that trait, he could almost feel where he was coming from. He placed his hand upon the armor, and in an instant, the soul of the Demon was thrown into Ajax, most likely because of his intense desire for someone.

    The Demon's name was Oni.

    - Demo of your Gladiator
    -Insignia Clan Tryout

    Battle Que/Hitlist
    1- Haru
    - Battles Ive finished
    1 Vs GuardianTempest (Win)
    2 Vs Blast Red (Kinsin) (Win)
    3 Vs Arumazu (Loss)


    Available?: Sure
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    dude i love your rhg. your demo has a nice "tha cliff" feel to it which brings me back. we should battle sometime

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    You put some real works on your RHG profile, I like this.

    Keep workin and you'll become a great fighter !
    Consume and adapt...
    The Dragons are coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vazar View Post
    You put some real works on your RHG profile, I like this.

    Keep workin and you'll become a great fighter !
    Thanks! Definatly what im hoping will happen ^-^

    Quote Originally Posted by notthebest View Post
    dude i love your rhg. your demo has a nice "tha cliff" feel to it which brings me back. we should battle sometime
    Thank you, ill be sure to keep in touch.
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    wow... thats a nice RHG you got there XD, i like the Demo and the Weaknesses

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    10/10 good luck

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    Thank you both !
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    Im Done with my first RHG battle, just waiting on Tempest at this point. In the meantime I am free to be challenged again so come at meh bruhs!
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    Congratulations on your first win.
    v (not my thing but please read) v

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuardianTempest View Post
    Congratulations on your first win.
    Oh didnt see this, thnx bruh. I cant tell you definitely would have won if you had the time though x3.
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