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Thread: Ajax & Oni (Available)

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    Edit - Story change - Still working on it though
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    This reminds me of a cross between Naruto and Ichigo :O
    Sword with a personality: check
    Similar looking sword: check
    Clones: check
    Struggle between main personality (Ajax/Naruto) and uninvited one (Oni/Kurama): check :P
    Thine mind hath been blowneth.

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    Well I actually thought Naruto aswell while making the character, I dont watch bleach however so that's interesting
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    Add me to the hitlist once I've finished my new RHG.

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    I will remember you, Iwata...
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    ...but you just dealt me a crisp one right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haru View Post
    Add me to the hitlist once I've finished my new RHG.
    Oh! mkay
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    10/10 bro!

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    I can't watch ur demo it's not working

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    Bringing this back to the top because i would like it if someone challenged me, lol. Look at my most recent battle as a reference for my skill level since i'm too lazy to make a new demo.
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