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Thread: Black 4

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    Black 4

    Black 4 by Jacon Dzwinel

    Tactical addictive stick shooter! The 4th of its series!

    Click Adventure game with over 30 mins of animation coming soon to your mobile device!

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    woah, this game is amazing! how long did it take him to make it? Loved the game play, but I'm stuck... :I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    woah, this game is amazing! how long did it take him to make it? Loved the game play, but I'm stuck... :I
    There's some hard-to-see doorways and some simple puzzles further in. All you really need to do is look hard enough for them and walk around into all the rooms.

    I finished it, it's pretty addictive.

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    Definitely a fun game. It's been a while since I've even played a stick figure flash game like this. They were the best.

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    #gavx or something

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