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Thread: The Chat Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azarel CS.777 View Post
    Random Question: What band do you guys like the most?
    I personally love Pendulum. Sure, the kick hat snare hat drum beat gets a bit repetitive, but their songs are still quite good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    your easytoons are great, but what most people don't know is that you have sick rap skills too.
    Haha, thank you. Those were the good ol' days, for sure...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OGrilla View Post
    Haha, thank you. Those were the good ol' days, for sure...
    I feel you about "good old days" if anyone knows a site called "X Gen Studios", they use the same vBulletin format just like Stickpage.
    Been playing one of their main games "Boxhead bounty hunter" since it came out in 2009, so I can relate to the nostalgia you're getting from the memories of 2006.
    To get wanted in Boxhead, you only needed 1000 bounties.... Now you need 200000. On average, 3 bounties on a WANTED PERSON, on a non wanted (which outnumbers wanteds 2000 to 1) average is 0 bounties per non wanted....
    Average bounties per game for boxhead 2017 is 44.3 bounties. *sigh*

    And yeah, I'm back. I'm not the same person as I was before though, so don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm not going to instantly flame you.
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    UPDATE: The new wRHG is here! Just waiting for a mod to approve the new thread for the wRHG Character Registery, you'll soon find the new character for yourselves :3
    CnC greatly appreciated! Thanks! <3

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    I doubt anyone is gonna give a shit about Boxhead, I last played that like 10-11 years ago.

    And idk about a favourite band honestly, I like so many. But eh, guess I’ll say Iron Maiden.
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    You'll never make it with an SP social career if you don't know who Charry is by now.

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    "Favorite Band"

    Needtobreathe. No questions. Absolutely. I liked them originally, and every CD they put out keeps experimenting with their sound more and more. Just hit that perfect sweet spot for me.
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    Its a bit of a toss-up between Metallica and AC/DC for me.

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    The Cosmos
    Favorite Band: Ninja Sex Party


    Let's Rumble

    I'm a skeleton IRL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vern View Post
    greasy oil space niggahs.
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    I still really like Gorillaz.

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    Where do ya think?
    I think my favorite band would be a split between Imagine Dragons and Blind Melon. Imagine Dragons just yanks great songs out of nowhere, with none of them sounding the same (I've theorized they must be from the future, covering all the songs that succeded in their time). On the other hand, Blind Melon just... fuck man that guitar, and that voice to is fuckin great.

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    Yeah that's 5056 IFUKDURMOM drive, it's the house on the end and the road is a long one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    You know what's really long? The dick I'm gonna stick in your nostril you lil cumbucket spitoon ass bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    Will that be cash or credit?
    Quote Originally Posted by Damian View Post
    I'll take your food stamps card you broke crackwhore no-teeth having, giving gumjobs for a bump ass musty hag.

    Or just any card. Debit or Bredit works

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    My three favourite (I can't decide) bands are Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, and twenty one pilots. As well for the "older" ones... I'll go for either Scorpions, White Lion, or Queen. But I think my favourite band of all time, is twenty one pilots. They're songs have a deep meaning, and make you think.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frost10114 View Post
    Its a bit of a toss-up between Metallica and AC/DC for me.
    Ah, yeah. They're good too.
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